Beyoncé Attacks Cops & Insults Our Intelligence With Her NFL Halftime Show


Beyoncé Knowles will headline the social engineering propaganda event of the year, the Super Bowl halftime show. This year, the contribution by Beyoncé will be a racist attack on white people, police, decency and common sense. They certainly found the right girl for that job.

Beyoncé just released the video of the “song” that she will feature in the stage show during the Super Bowl halftime. It’s a flagrant anti-white, anti-cop racist perpetuation of the lie that Obama/Holder fostered in Ferguson, the now repeatedly debunked as a total fabrication mantra of “hands up don’t shoot.” The video makes multiple references to and adds undeserved and inappropriate credibility to the lie.

The racist noise is titled “Formation,” and as hard as it is to believe, people actually submit themselves to this torture voluntarily. Formation may be a reference to the “Black Lives Matter” Minnesota march which was infamously accompanied by the same type of adolescent chants of “Pigs in a blanket, fry em like bacon.” Maybe it refers to the ignorant thugs marching down the streets of New York City to a chorus of “What do we want, Police, How do we want em, dead.” What kind of performer is Beyoncé? Certainly we could come up with some equally adolescent chants to describe her. What rhymes with bigoted sleaze ball?

It was bad enough that the St. Louis Rams players demonstrated and displayed their ignorance when several of their players held their hands up on the sidelines in the immediate aftermath of Ferguson, but now the lie has been documented. At the time the NFL meekly supported them, displaying their one-sided pro-black racism. Those who were disgusted by the support of the coaches and other players and the city can revel in the fact that they no longer have a football team.

But this bigoted halftime show is not the actions of a handful of misguided, simple-minded rogue players, it’s the entire league. It’s an action representing their most watched, most prized and most financially rewarding event. They’re sending a message around the globe that cops use black people for target practice and all whites are racists.


The “Formation” video depicts a line of cops and a black child with their hands up, a wall with graffiti sprayed on it saying “stop shooting us,” and some Muslim style African hats to indicate the bias against Islam for good measure. The Obamas will think it’s a nice touch. It’s all done in the league’s name.

Police officers across America and those who support them may want to consider a “Hateful Eight” type of response. Beyoncé released the “song” to coordinate with this performance so we can be sure she’ll have plenty of references to the false narrative and visuals of “hands up don’t shoot,” in spite of it being untrue.

The NFL is equally complicit in idealizing the same lawlessness as Beyoncé. They join her in promoting and glamorizing thuggish behavior and disrespect for civil order and the rule of law.


Perhaps Officer Darren Wilson will have his attorneys tuned in, DVR’s at the ready, for a possible defamation lawsuit against both the “entertainer” and the NFL. He’s certainly going to have a whole new instance of hostility to deal with based upon a known falsehood.

Wilson should be properly compensated and the NFL and the rest of society need to be informed that we’ve had enough. They need to be sent a message in the language they speak most fluently and the one that best compensates those they injure; money.

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