Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Costume Was Bad… Grammys Outfit Was Something Else

We all know how bad the costume was that Beyoncé wore during her racist Super Bowl Halftime performance. However, it seems that during the Grammys recently, she decided to go a different route when it came to her outfit – and it was something else entirely.

Now, for those who have been sleeping under a rock recently, Beyoncé managed to kick up quite a bit of controversy during the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, as she not only disrespected police, but carried out a full-on racist performance. However, it seems that most people were concerned with her risqué black and leather outfit, which she wore as an intentional nod to the Black Panthers.

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Unfortunately, it seems that Beyoncé’s wardrobe choices have once again made their way into the news after yesterday’s Grammys. Her outfit could not have been more different from that seen during recent weeks.

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According to IJ Review:

The pop star came out in a high-necked, floor length, white lace ball gown, with her hair pulled back in a tight bun.

Now, with her Super Bowl performance outfit actually meaning something, people have been wondering if there’s a hidden meaning here too or if it’s just a nice dress. Although most people only wear elegant white gowns on their wedding (which, ironically, the one she wore was actually a wedding gown), quite a few are asking, “What does it mean?”

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Perhaps, nothing. However, I do find it a bit odd that right now, America is knee-deep in a conversation about entertainment awards being “too white.” Seeing how the color of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl outfit was meant to speak directly to race, I can’t help but wonder if her Grammys outfit was meant to do the same. Then again, like I said before, it could just have been a dress she liked – we may never know.