Beyoncé Humiliated After Lady Gaga Gave Her Brutal Halftime Show Lesson

Beyoncé Humiliated After Lady Gaga Gave Her Brutal Halftime Show Lesson
Lady Gaga (left) humiliated Beyoncé (right)

Last year, Beyoncé became the highly controversial performer of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Not only did Beyoncé politicize her performance, but she sent several messages that people across America didn’t appreciate. However, this year, Lady Gaga’s performance left Beyoncé utterly humiliated in front of the entire country as she gave her a brutal lesson – and now, America is thanking her for it.

It’s no secret that Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are complete opposites when it comes to the entertainment industry. However, they both were considered influential enough to become headliners for a Super Bowl Halftime Show. Of course, Gaga was able to not only put on one of the best shows in quite some time, but she was able to put Beyoncé in her place by teaching her a lesson about America.

In fact, it was most evident by a look at the dancers who accompanied each of the stars during their halftime performances. Can you spot the difference?

Beyoncé Humiliated After Lady Gaga Gave Her Brutal Halftime Show Lesson
Lady Gaga and her diverse set of dancers (left), and Beyonce’s dancers (right)

When Beyoncé performed, she did many controversial things to get a rise out of the public – and succeeded. As she performed her opening song, “Formation,” an anti-police anthem, she channeled the Black Panthers. She had her tribe of black backup dancers give “Black Power salutes and blatantly promoted the Black Lives Matter movement,” according to Right Wing News. In essence, she infuriated the American public, as well as police officers across the country, and she poorly represented what diversity and inclusivity looks like.

Where Beyoncé’s dancers seemed to all be black women just like her, Lady Gaga’s group was a mix of races and genders, seemingly chosen for their dance skills rather than the color of their skin or what’s between their legs.

Although Lady Gaga’s performance was highly speculated to ignite yet another controversy, instead she unexpectedly blew everyone away with very few noticing anything to complain about. She opened her show with a patriotic display, singing “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land,” as red and blue lit drones appeared in the sky.

She informed the crowd that she was there to make everyone “feel good,” as she and her diverse group of backup dancers put on a thrilling, non-political show. In all, she entertained America and taught Beyoncé some humiliating lessons: how to do her job and what equality really looks like, where people are chosen according to their skill and not their physical characteristics.

Lady Gaga should be proud of her successful performance. It’s not easy appeasing the majority of the American public, but I think it’s safe to say she did a much better job than Beyoncé.

Although she has her own political opinions, she kept quiet and gave everyone in America an entertaining experience. Hopefully, future entertainers have learned from Gaga’s performance and will begin to do their jobs instead of trying to make ridiculous political statements everytime they get a chance.