Beyoncé Has New Salute In ‘Sick’ Sign, What’s Underneath It Says It All

The backlash continues for Beyoncé, after her defiant act of flipping off cops, glorifying the Black Lives Matter movement, and paying homage to the racist Black Panthers. Now, there’s a bold visual to go with how many Americans feel about this deplorable performer, and it puts her perfectly in her place with a solid purpose behind it.

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Beyoncé had her day in front of millions of Americans, who were hoping to enjoy the country’s most popular sport. Instead, they were treated to a troupe of women raising fists in a black power salute and an anti-cop political statement. Not only was this an inappropriate place for such a divisive message, but it was grossly hypocritical for Beyoncé, since everywhere she went that day, she demanded a police escort for protection.

The reaction to her disrespectful act has been constant and definitely deserved. By duty of oath, cops continued to do their job for this entitled, racist performer, when a fleet of police escorted her after the show while her spit was essentially in their faces. Now, law enforcement supporters have widely circulated this flip of the bird to Beyoncé meme, featuring a blue middle finger to represent police.

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Beyoncé Has New Salute In 'Sick' Sign, What's Underneath It Says It All
New meme taking Internet by storm and stirring up the “Beyhive”

The Free Thought Project took a pot-shot at police, saying this meme shows the sickening “true colors” of officers. If they mean the thin blue line, then they are correct. Who can blame law enforcement for this response, after they put their lives on the line daily to serve and protect people who disrespect and hate them? The same couldn’t be said for people like Beyoncé, who couldn’t fathom the challenges these heroes face each hour on the clock, which is why she won’t even leave her house without a fleet of them surrounding her.

Beyoncé is entitled to her own opinions and enjoys the same freedom of speech we’re all granted, but that does not mean she’s absolved of any consequences for it. Hopefully, this hits the loudmouth right where it counts, in the pocketbook, especially at her grossly overpriced “Formation” tour. As a public figure, she could use her platform to promote a better society or perpetuate hate. Unfortunately, she chose the latter, and we don’t have to listen to it.

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