Beyonce’s ‘Professor’ Gets A Dose Of Brutal Karma After He Says ‘Shoot Trump Outright’

Beyonce (left), President Donald Trump (middle), Kevin Allred (right)

Kevin Allred, the man who is known as Beyonce’s “professor,” went way too far when he publicly said he wished someone would just shoot President Donald Trump. Beyonce loves Allred, a former professor at Rutgers University who taught a class called “Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyonce.” However, Allred was found in utter shambles after the brutal dose of karma he got after threatening the president. You’re going to love this.

Kevin Allred is the professor who got Rutgers University to actually pay him to pretend to teach a class. We say pretend because rapping about Beyonce and listening to her music all day isn’t teaching anyone anything. Nevertheless, Allred became famous, known as “Beyonce’s Professor,” and rumor had it the singer loved what Allred was doing for her career.

The reality is, Allred is a jackass who used social media to post all kinds of hate toward President Trump and his supporters. Then, he made a huge mistake and posted to Twitter, “Trump is a f*cking joke. This is all a sham. I wish someone would just shoot him outright.” 

Twitchy reports, “Allred did delete the tweet, but not before many outlets were able to grab it and report it. Hey, if you’re unhappy with the president, by all means, complain. But don’t say stupid shiznit about wanting him shot. On that note, it would appear Montclair State fired Allred before he even really began teaching there and he ranted about it on Twitter.”

On August 1, 2017, Allred posted, “So FYI…Montclair State has fired me before I even started teaching there. congrats to the Trump trolls. but you’re still not special.” Allred is so wrecked, it appears he has made his Twitter account private, but not before the man who called for Trump to be shot dead got super upset about the violence he says came from “Trump trolls.”

“Glad you all ❤️ Trump cuz in past 2 hours his ‘fans’ have called me ‘f*cking faggot,’ ‘c*nt’ & warned my throat wld get slit while i slept,” Allred posted. Then, he had one more thought, posting, “This is not the f*cking gross and politically regressive world i want to live in. trump’s base lashes out and everyone listens. disgusting.”

Meanwhile, those “Trump trolls” were loving every minute of his meltdown. When one Trump supporter actually made sense, Allred lost it again. Stacey Lennox tweeted, “‘Edgy’ dude who ‘speaks to power’ makes the news & can’t take the feedback.” He saw what Stacey wrote and launched into a Twitter attack that’s pretty scary. Losing his new job really left the “Beyonce professor” in shambles. Here’s the liberal professor’s actual train of thought, and nothing is taken out of order:

  • i’m an amazing teacher–my evaluations & testimonials prove it. if speaking out against Trump’s “great America” keeps me from classrooms…?
  • i just want to open a senior dog sanctuary in the middle of the country where rent is cheap. please inquire within if interested…
  • when universities cave to basic conservative political pressure like this, they’re firmly taking a side.
  • & it’s funny cuz in my interview they were super excited about me being young, hip, and calling out power. guess not in practice, huh?
  • this was all after they promised me work & had me spend weeks creating syllabi for classes they wanted me to teach. very classy, Montclair
  • you. will. not. break. me. down. you. will. not. win. ✊?❤️

Fox News cleared up some things about his bizarre tweets, reporting, “A professor who has taught classes on Beyonce and was once ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for his political rhetoric said he wished that someone would shoot President Trump.”

Yeah, I guess Kevin Allred was already tagged as mental by Rutgers University, so here’s the big question: how could this Montclair University even hire this nutjob? This is exactly why our college kids get indoctrinated with loony ideas. It’s time for colleges and universities to hire professors based on their knowledge and teaching ability, not by their political persuasion.

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