Biden’s Eye Fills With Blood During CNN Town Hall, Major Medical Issues

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Joe Biden took part in CNN’s town hall on climate change, and viewers were shocked when his left eye noticeably got red and appeared to fill with blood. Biden has kept his medical history under wraps since 2008 when he was diagnosed with a serious condition. Luckily, we have uncovered what his campaign doesn’t want you to know.

Joe Biden at CNN’s Town Hall (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s left eye filled with blood while he was onstage Wednesday during a CNN town hall on climate change, apparently from a burst blood vessel. Biden was in the middle of speaking when his eye appeared to fill with blood, and he seemed not to notice.

The incident instantly gained attention on social media.

Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson was one of the first on Twitter to post a tweet on the Biden eye situation. “Uh, hey guys. Joe Biden’s eye filled with blood while onstage at the CNN town hall. This is not a photoshop,” Johnson said.

Joe Biden has a long list of medical issues.

“Biden, 76, has long been plagued by health issues. In 1988, he suffered an aneurysm that burst and required him to undergo emergency surgery. The then-senator was so close to death that a Catholic priest began preparing to administer the sacrament of last rites,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Months later, surgeons clipped a second aneurysm before it burst. Biden then took a seven-month leave from the Senate following the surgery. Describing the operation, he once said, “They literally had to take the top of my head off.”

Jill Biden said in her recently released autobiography, Where the Light Enters, at the time she feared her husband would never be the same. “Our doctor told us there was a 50-50 chance Joe wouldn’t survive surgery,” she wrote. “He also said that it was even more likely that Joe would have permanent brain damage if he survived. And if any part of his brain would be adversely affected, it would be the area that governed speech.”

Doctors removed a benign polyp during a colonoscopy in 1996. In 2003, Biden had his gallbladder removed. He suffers from asthma and allergies and takes a prescription drug to lower his cholesterol. He has also taken medication for an enlarged prostate.

Biden hasn’t disclosed his medical history since 2008 when doctors found he had an irregular heartbeat.

An irregular heartbeat is what doctors call “Atrial-Fibrillation,” or just AFib for short.  This condition complicated his issues with aneurysms. AFib puts patients at an increased risk for stroke because blood may not be properly pumped out of the heart, which may cause it to pool and form a clot.

This clot can then travel to the brain and block the flow of blood to part of the brain which can result in a stroke. So, medications you would take to control AFib can lead to weakening blood vessels. For Biden’s physicians, it must be a balancing act with his history of brain aneurysms.

His serious brain issues with his history of aneurysms are much more troubling than AFib. A broken blood vessel in the eye, also known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage, can be caused by several things, including high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, blood thinners, or even excessive straining.

As a Registered Nurse, who specialized in cardiothoracic surgery, I believe there is no way Joe’s doctors would allow him to have high blood pressure. That would cause aneurysms to burst and would be horrible for his AFib. We know he doesn’t have a bleeding disorder. A patient with a history of aneurysms would never be on blood thinners.

So, unless Joe “excessively strained” during the CNN town hall, that leaves the brain issues and whatever medication he is on for AFib, either verapamil or digoxin which could have contributed to the subconjunctival hemorrhage.

Americans sounded off on social media in high numbers wondering what happened to Uncle Joe.

“Biden’s 2020 campaign is elder abuse. His eye exploded on stage tonight and his campaign is just like ‘everything is fine, this is normal.’ He could have rode off into the sunset as the VP of a sh*tty neolib president but instead decided to run for president and lose it all,” tweeted “Carlo.”

Existential threat of climate change caused Joe Biden eye to bleed during CNN Dem Climate Town Hall. Hope he’s OK. Imagine if Joe was prez, incapacitated, & Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren, or Mayor Pete were veep. Or what if @theloftusparty were on FOX FNC TheFive?” tweeted John Tharp.

“One would think that having a leading candidate spontaneously bleed out of an eye socket on live television would grab the media’s attention. One would think incorrectly, as it turns out, even when that presidential candidate is the 76-year-old frontrunner with a history of aneurysms,” HotAir’s Ed Morrisey said.

“During last night’s CNN marathon forum on climate change, Joe Biden’s left eye filled with blood while he talked about climate change. Yet outside of a few conservative publications, hardly a media outlet blinked its own eyes, including the news channel that hosted it,” Morrisey added.

HotAir’s Ed Morrisey wants to know why the mainstream media isn’t reporting on Biden’s bloody eye when we all know if this was President Donald Trump they would be shouting from the rooftops. They know this information on his many medical issues, coupled with this eye bleed, would be the end of his presidential bid.

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