Biden Allegedly Caught Paying Off Key State Officials With ‘Tsunami Of Dark Money’

Two experts working for election integrity projects are claiming that something nefarious is going on with the “phony Joe Biden campaign.” Something is not adding up. They claim a “tsunami of dark money,” that goes way above what Hillary Clinton ever raised, is paying off swing state election officials. But that’s not all. It goes far beyond what any American can imagine. Don’t miss this.

Joe Biden (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Top politicos are saying that something fishy is going on with the Biden campaign. First, there is no real campaign. No candidate since George Washington has campaigned so little and with so few live supporters. Joe Biden is no George Washington.

“How can Biden be a contender when he gets 30 supporters at his rallies and Trump attracts 30,000? Biden attracted 130 cars to hear him in must-win Pennsylvania. In Miami, Latinos for Trump organized a 30,000 car parade on their own,” American Greatness reports.

In a rare joint appearance, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris went to Phoenix. Biden needs Arizona to win.  Zero supporters turned out to greet them, according to a local news report. Zero. Video of the eerie empty scene was carried on the local news station only. The Biden campaign says they did not let the public know about the visit to avoid large crowds.

“More oddities: The Democrats are not mounting a ground game. No volunteers knocking on doors. Very little effort to register new voters, either,” American Greatness adds. “This strategy doesn’t pass the sniff test for an honest campaign. The answer, as usual in politics, is to follow the money. President Obama never came close to the money supporting Biden’s campaign.”

Christian Adams, who works for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, an organization that examines Democratic Party election integrity and funding, is warning something nefarious is going on.

In a phone interview this week, Adams called it a “tsunami of dark money.”

“The Democrats have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of new dollars that never existed before…well in excess of a billion dollars…it is an avalanche of money,” Adams said. “Hundreds of millions are being given to local election officials.”

Adams tracked hundreds of millions of dollars to local election officials in Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Philadelphia.

“[Democrats] are spending hundreds of millions in litigating to break down election rules,” Adams declared. “Where is it coming from? New money that has never been there? Is there really that much excess money in American philanthropy? Suddenly we conjure up a billion dollars that never existed before?”

ActBlue has raised $3.5 billion in the last 10 months.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton, who had all the right connections and had been secretary of state, raised $1.2 billion — in total — for her 2016 run. So, how in the hell could Joe Biden, who is one of the lowest enthusiasm candidates we have ever seen, raise so much money?

It’s not possible unless there is something really hinky going on.

ActBlue’s $3.5 billion is in addition to all the money donated to the Biden campaign from the big Democrat donors like George Soros. This isn’t money from Soros or Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s legally questionable privatization of our election process by spending $400 million for unmonitored ballot boxes in Democratic districts only (an invitation to illegal ballot harvesting).

“Where does that $3.5 billion in ActBlue money to defeat Trump and buy Congress come from?” American Greatness asks. “No one knows. But we have some educated guesses. We do know the Democrats are lying about where they are getting this cash.”

Democrats boast that most of their money comes in small donations from unemployed people. ActBlue claims almost 50 percent of its donors are unemployed. Are we to believe they got small donations from “unemployed people” that came to $3.5 billion dollars?

Could ActBlue’s unemployed donors with billions of dollars to give actually be fake names? Is this a scam to hide billions in dark money from a large donor or donors, including bad state actors?

Phill Kline, an attorney and expert on election integrity for the GOP wrote about ActBlues’ shady shenanigans for RealClearPolitics:

[ActBlue] has leveraged its powerhouse presence to negotiate a special relationship with banks so that it does not have to reveal donor names when processing its gift cards, as is normally required for virtually all online transactions.

Some people have long suspected this allows ActBlue or a mega-donor to easily break large donations down into smaller gifts to avoid campaign finance laws and Federal Election Commission scrutiny.

There is no way the Biden campaign is raking in double or triple the donations as Hillary Clinton. It’s virtually an impossibility. Christian Adams tracked the dark money to swing state officials. Then, we have Project Veritas uncovering a so-called GOP consultant that was being paid by the Democrats to flip votes to Joe Biden:

“BREAKING: Ballot Chaser Reveals MASSIVE Voter Fraud To Elect @JoeBiden ‘Some of my Republicans are precinct chairs that cannot be known…They want to help Biden’ ‘For the entire team I’m looking at…$55,000’ ‘$55k for 5k votes, top of the ticket, Hegar/Biden’ #RiggedElection,” tweeted James O’Keefe.

Now we know why Joe Biden’s campaign did not care if their candidate went out to campaign. They have a “tsunami of dark money” that is allegedly paying off operatives. They think they can buy the election.

“After four years of President Trump in action, how much do you think China would give to get rid of Trump and put Biden in power? Does anyone doubt that the Democratic Party—if they thought they could get away with it—would accept Chinese money?” American Greatness concludes.

One thing is certain: ActBlue has been able to inject $3.5 billion of potentially fake contributions. Americans don’t respond to fake campaigns. There is a litany of probable election fraud going on by the Democrats. If they want to try and buy this election, in the end, President Trump will see them in court.

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