WATCH: Bikini-Clad Bully Pays The Price For Twerking On Another Girl’s Man

WATCH: After Stealing Taken Man, Bikini-Clad Bully Turns One Hitter Quitter
(Photo Source: Mail Online)

If one thing can be said about Spring Break, it’s that most people tend to drink too much while partying on the beach. As it turns out, exactly that was responsible for a bikini-clad bully who decided to have a little fun by twerking on another girl’s boyfriend – and she paid a hefty price for her flirtations, quickly being taught that she’s a one hitter quitter.

The incident took place in South Padre Island off Texas’s southeast coast last week, where quite a few college students descended for a little break from the stresses of school. As one would imagine, alcohol was prevalent at the time with just about everyone having a drink of some variety in their hand.

However, things took a drastic turn when a blonde by the name of Kelsey decided to steal a taken man and “headed to the dance floor,” so to speak. Reports indicate that the intoxicated student started “twerking” with the boyfriend of 17-year-old Oklahoma City high school senior Bayleigh Anderson, and her actions weren’t well received.

WATCH: After Stealing Taken Man, Bikini-Clad Bully Turns One Hitter Quitter
Kelsey (left) and Bayleigh Anderson (right) (Photo Source: Mail Online)

Understandably, Bayleigh wasn’t too happy after seeing what was happening and decided to confront the bully – and that’s when people took out their phones and started recording. Soon after, Kelsey can be heard calling Bayleigh a “b*tch,” which was the final straw.

Without a moment’s notice, Bayleigh sprang into action and punched Kelsey in the face, instantly dropping her to the ground to the shock of every single onlooker. Of course, the one hitter quitter only realized what happened after she regained consciousness, but the damage had already been done.

She later lashed out, telling everyone not to record her, but by that time, several versions of the incident were already on social media. As one would imagine, word spread pretty quickly, prompting a response from Kelsey, who tried to brush off the matter by saying she “would have won but was too drunk to fight back.”

Unfortunately, what Kelsey isn’t understanding here is that this entire ordeal was avoidable from the start. Although alcohol is often used for leisure purposes, most people know that you have to take into consideration how much you’re drinking, and it’s no excuse to behave badly.

As for her trying to bully a guy away from his girlfriend so that she could dance, well, that’s another matter entirely – and one that has quite a few people saying that she got exactly what she deserved. Too much alcohol can make you do dumb things. Drink in moderation and always keep your hands off of someone who’s in a relationship.

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