VIDEO: Bikini-Clad Girl Takes Synthetic Drug ‘Flakka,’ Parades Results Publicly

An obviously high bikini-clad woman was captured on camera, demonstrating the effects of illegal drugs, especially synthetic ones. The footage is being shared by many people on social media, who are taken aback by her outlandish behavior that was paraded publicly for all to see.

(Screenshot from video)

Though many have never heard of the synthetic drug called “flakka,” it is considered to be even more dangerous than cocaine because the effects feel similar to users, but the consequences can be far worse.

Flakka causes body temperatures to spike to upwards of 105 degrees, which can cause muscles to break down, hyperthermia, and kidney damage. Many survivors of flakka overdoses are required to use dialysis. A trip on flakka will also last longer than one from cocaine.

Also known as “the zombie drug” or “gravel,” flakka appears as white crystal chunks, looking much like aquarium rocks.

Jim Hall, a drug abuse epidemiologist at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, remarked:

“It’s so difficult to control the exact dose [of flakka]. Just a little bit of difference in how much is consumed can be the difference between getting high and dying. It’s that critical.”

If that sounds freaky, just wait until you see the video below of a woman who is likely nearing an overdose of the synthetic drug. Clad in a yellow bikini, she can be seen throwing herself on the lawn of what looks to be an apartment complex, her shorts around her legs, and writhing around while shouting obscenities.

Shocked neighbors who heard her screaming decided to videotape her drug-fueled outburst and can be heard in the background, saying, “That ain’t no alcohol, I gotta get this.”

Like other drugs, flakka can make users feel as though they have super-human strength. One South Florida man who was reportedly high on the drug broke down police department doors.

Like many other products imported from China, flakka is inexpensive. One dose will only run between $3 and $5, so overdosing is easy.

Other videos of flakka users have also gone viral, and each seems to be just a bit crazier than the one before. One woman was caught rolling around completely naked on the streets of New York:

These videos constitute just two of the many, many reasons you should never do drugs. If you need more proof than this, there’s probably no hope for you. Just sayin’.

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