Bill Clinton Slips Up, Reveals What’s REALLY Going on With Hillary’s Health

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Bill Clinton has been a horrible husband. The former president had so many affairs that the Clintons have gone to great lengths to cover up his sexual indiscretions, reportedly threatening his female conquests and even allegedly having people murdering to keep them quiet. Although Bill has been doing his wife dirty for years, his latest move, exposing Hillary’s health issues, still has to hurt.

If you’ll recall, Hillary’s questionable health was a central issue during the election season of 2016, and some would even say the frequent reports surrounding her purported neurological issues contributed to her massive loss on November 8. Well, we now have confirmation that there was good reason to worry about the Democratic nominee’s physical well-being, as even her husband did not think she was fit enough to withstand the rigors of a presidential campaign.

According to American News, last year, investigative author Ed Klein published a controversial tell-all book about Hillary Clinton, outlining some shocking speculations about her health. Now, Klein has come forward with claims that even former President Bill Clinton believed his wife was “in denial about her health problems.”

“Bill was so concerned [about her health] that he asked a well-known cardiologist to review Hillary’s medical records,” Klein claimed. “After looking over her cardiograms and X-rays and other records, the cardiologist recommended that Hillary travel with a full-time physician who would keep her under constant observation.”

This would explain the mysterious man who was pictured by Hillary Clinton’s side on the campaign trail, even holding what many said appeared to be a syringe at the ready on one occasion.

Hillary Clinton’s “handler” appears prepared for any surprise medical emergency while on the campaign trail.
A closer look at the man wielding what many said was a Diazepam pen, which is used to treat patients with reoccurring seizures.

“Bill told me that he tiptoed into the dangerous territory of suggesting that maybe Hillary should rethink whether she had the physical stamina to take on the tortures of a presidential campaign,” Klein quoted a Clinton insider as saying.

Perhaps she is rethinking her decision to run for president now that she has lost that bid not once, but twice. Rumors are swirling that she may try to give 2020 a shot, but that idea seems far-fetched, especially considering the fact that Hillary barely survived this go around. What do you think is going on with her physical health? Share this story with your thoughts on Hillary’s health and Bill’s admission. God forbid she does run again, everyone should know that not even her own husband feels she is physically able to handle the job — and he should know better than anyone.

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