Bill de Blasio Ditches NYC Migrant Kids For Photo-Op, Gets Nasty Surprise At Border

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio left his post and responsibilities to rush down to the border on a whim, hoping for a photo-op. De Blasio ended up in El Paso, Texas, in front of a detention center, where he proceeded to scream at the armed guards to “let me in, I’m the mayor of New York.” Well, his propaganda play didn’t go so well, and the mayor got a nasty surprise.

Bill de Blasio (left), Law Enforcement Officer (right) (Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images, Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Just hours after promising to help the hundreds of immigrant kids being held in the Big Apple without their parents, Mayor Bill de Blasio bolted for Texas on Wednesday — for a photo-op on the Mexican border.

The New York Post reports, de Blasio “on Thursday morning joined a dozen of other mayors from across the country to demand entry to an immigration facility near El Paso, Texas, where kids who’ve been separated from their moms and dads under the Trump administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy are being held — despite admitting it was a futile effort.”

“We fully expect to not be told the truth, we fully expect to be turned away the way senators and congressmen have been turned away just trying to get the honest truth about what’s happening to these children just as all of you have been doing,” de Blasio said at a press conference.

Well, it was quickly evident that the law enforcement officers, surrounding the facility to keep it safe, were not impressed with de Blasio at all. In fact, they couldn’t care less who he was. “Yeah, Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York, here,” said de Blasio, but the officer just looked at him and said, “Technically you’re on federal property. But, we’ll let you stand right there.”

It was really embarrassing. Mayor de Blasio was standing outside the chain linked fence in the middle of the desert. The officer, telling him he could “stand right there,” was like telling him, “yep, you can stand in the desert, but you all aren’t coming in here. We don’t care who you are.”

But, de Blasio insisted this wasn’t a publicity stunt — but rather that it is his duty as an elected official to ask questions about what’s happening 2,000 miles outside of his own district. “The fact is this is something the American people care about … How was our money being spent? Is it being spent in a way that we would feel comfortable with?” he said on CNBC Thursday.

“That is what public officials are supposed to ascertain. There is something eerie about a government agency saying we’re not gonna let the media in, we are not going to let public officials in. That would never fly in my city. I’ll tell you that much,” de Blasio insisted. “New Yorkers would never stand for that. I don’t think Americans anywhere would stand for that.”

Really? Those kids are minors, and they can’t be photographed. The idiot Mayor of New York must know an entire gaggle of cameras and his big fat mouth running would scare any kid who is in that situation. Bill de Blasio is nothing but a huckster and scammer. He doesn’t care about these kids.

Doesn’t he have enough youths back in New York who need his help? Why is he poking his big nose into something that has nothing to do with him? Is he in the federal government? No. He is the mayor of a city, and New Yorkers would like him to pay attention to their needs.

In fact, New Yorkers and other Americans were pissed off at his antics and quick to let him know it. Cameron Gray tweeted, “Does anyone know how many homeless NYC children he drove past on the way to the airport for this stunt?”

“MarieTweets” weighed in, posting, “Funny I didn’t see mayors rushing to the border when Obama was President for 8 years.” Right? These politicians pretend like this so-called border crisis just happened. De Blasio was around during the Obama administration and said nothing about the border.

New Yorker Sam Adams tweeted, “Bill take care of your own City first. Stop traveling on our dime. Misuse of city funds.” Good point. How does he explain this trip to El Paso as a needed expense as Mayor of New York?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio obviously thought that a publicity stunt from another progressive politician would best move the border debate right now, but in the end, he didn’t get in. Instead, he exposed himself once again as an idiot, flying across the country to a destination where he has no business being there.

Americans are sick and tired of the mainstream media pumping up fools like the Mayor of New York. He needs to apologize to New Yorkers and pay back the city for his failed propaganda attempt with this ridiculous trip to El Paso.

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