EXPOSED: Bill Gates’ Evil Plan To Become ‘Big Brother’ & Watch You 24/7

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In a bone-chilling discovery, the devious plan of billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates to become the all-seeing eye, or “Big Brother” made famous in George Orwell’s “1984,” has been revealed. The terrifying consequences will have effects for every generation to come if he is not stopped.

Bill Gates (left), Big Brother poster from a BBC TV production of George Orwell’s classic novel “1984” (right) (Photo Credit: Jack Taylor/Getty Images, Larry Ellis/Express/Getty Images.)

Gates is backing a new project by startup company EarthNow to cover the planet with satellites to provide “live and unfiltered” high definition coverage of every square inch of the entire Earth. The company will cover the planet with 500 of these satellites to provide real-time surveillance of every move you make, GeekWire reported.

“EarthNow is ambitious and unprecedented, but our objective is simple: We want to connect you visually with Earth in real time,” Russel Hannigan, the founder of EarthNow, said. “We believe the ability to see and understand the Earth live and unfiltered will help all of us better appreciate and ultimately care for our one and only home.”

Right now, the proposed satellites would weigh around 500 pounds each and the entire project would carry a price tag of near $1 billion. That is why EarthNow has sought and found other big-name, deep-pocket investors, like Japan’s SoftBank Group, Airbus, and OneWeb founder and executive chairman Greg Wyler.

“We created the world’s first low-cost, high-performance satellites for mass production to bridge the digital divide,” Wyler said in a press release. “These very same satellite features will enable EarthNow to help humanity understand and manage its impact on Earth.”

Hannigan discussed EarthNow as some type of utopian vision that will benefit mankind, much in the same way Big Brother was supposed to benefit mankind in “1984” and, more currently, how Dr. Raymond Cocteau ruled the fictional city of San Angeles in “Demolition Man.”

“We are excited by the prospect of giving everyone a stunningly beautiful real-time window on your world from space,” Hannigan proclaimed. “With EarthNow, we will all become virtual astronauts.”

We will also become virtual ants in a virtual ant farm ruled by elitists like Hannigan and Gates, where every step we take can be monitored in real time by would-be overlords who peer in on our day to day existence from their ivory towers.

The prospect of every inch of the planet being monitored in real-time by satellites is terrifying. There are those who will argue that if you are not doing anything against the law, then you have nothing to worry about. But, you are not doing anything against the law in your shower, presumably, and you still don’t want to have cameras monitoring you in there.

And, this “Brave New World” is not that far from becoming a reality, according to GeekWire. With the ability to piggyback on OneWeb’s already existing expertise in the area, EarthNow won’t have to wait long to go from concept to reality.

“OneWeb aims to have its first satellites deployed next year. Hundreds of satellites, and eventually thousands, are to be put into orbit for OneWeb’s internet constellation by launch providers including Arianespace, Virgin Orbit, and Blue Origin,” GeekWire wrote.

“EarthNow said it would begin by offering commercial video and intelligent vision services to a range of government and enterprise customers. The applications could include monitoring the seas for illegal fishing, tracking hurricanes and typhoons as they evolve, detecting forest fires when they start, providing on-demand data about crop health, and observing conflict zones and natural disasters around the world,” it added.

The question is what else can it track in real-time? And, not just when it launches but even decades after as technology evolves? Will it become so pervasive that it can literally watch you as you walk along the street, as you and your partner kiss in the park, or even peer through an open window as you sit in your living room?

Even if those who create it and control it use it only for good, which is debatable, what happens if the satellites are hacked and used by those with bad intentions like a hostile foreign government or terrorists? These are the questions that need to be answered before all of humanity is subject to 24/7 surveillance it didn’t ask for and has no say in.