Bizarre Sign Alongside Road Has Drivers Doing A Double Take [Photo]

There’s a big problem in Paxton, Illinois, and the city is going to great lengths to make drivers aware of the issue. Apparently, there’s a new road sign that has drivers doing a double take, and a photo of the sign has gone viral.

According to Fox News, “suicidal deer” signs have been installed alongside highways in the small town so drivers are aware of what they’re dealing with. Although the sign may seem like a misnomer to some, because it doesn’t exactly relate to an unassuming deer, it’s definitely getting the point across with drivers.

Suicidal Deer

During an interview with The Paxton Record, Button Township Highway Commissioner Ron Hilligoss revealed where he got the crafty idea. He explained his nephew actually saw a similar sign out in Colorado and snapped a photo of it. Once Hilligoss saw the sign, he immediately thought the sign would be a good idea for Paxton.

“My nephew sent me a picture of one of these signs out in Colorado about six months ago,” Hilligoss told The Record. “He texted it to me, and I thought it was really a good thing because it gets your attention. So we had had a Ford County Highway Department meeting and I said, ‘Can you get me these signs?’”

The sign follows an alarming number of collisions where vehicles were damaged after colliding with deer. It has been reported that approximately 33 of the 2015 collisions were deer-related accidents. At this point, there is only one sign installed in the town. Hilligoss wants to make sure that sign will last before investing money into more signs.

“I’m just waiting to see who puts bullet holes in it or steals it,” Hilligoss said. “A lot of people see it,” Hilligoss said. “If you ask anybody where a deer crossing sign is, they couldn’t tell you, but they know where that one is at. It’s just nice to see something that constantly reminds you that there are deer running out there.”

The “suicidal deer” sign is probably more than enough to capture the attention of most drivers. Maybe other cities should implement creative signs that are hard to ignore. The idea may decrease the number of traffic accidents that occur across the United States by making drivers more aware of the dangers on the road.

[Image via Paxton Record]