Black Lady Stuns White Cop With Surprising Request, Then He Sees What’s Just Inches Away

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It wasn’t long before a Texas police officer stumbled across a little bit of action while just riding around recently. After being flagged down, the cop approached an African-American woman who would leave him shocked by the surprising request she had — and that’s when he saw what was just inches away from her.

Black Lady Stuns White Cop With Surprising Request, Then He Sees What’s Just Inches Away
Deputy Constable Reed Clark (left), Da’Jauh Hennix (right) (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

Da’Jauh Hennix recently tracked down Deputy Constable Reed Clark after what happened in her ravaged neighborhood. As it turns out, the woman is actually a mother who lived in a home that was directly affected by the flooding during Hurricane Harvey.

Although she thought she could simply wait out the storm, it wasn’t long before she realized that things weren’t going to work out. “The water just like raised that fast,” she recalled, describing the hectic series of events that unfolded during the hurricane.

Knowing she had to get out of her home, she loaded up her children, including her 8-month-old daughter – presumably onto something that floats – and began to wade her way to safety. As one would imagine, she wasn’t exactly sure how things would turn out, but that’s about the time she heard an odd noise.

Much to her surprise, she would turn to see Deputy Clark on a jet ski. Doing as anyone would, she quickly flagged the man down, prompting him to make a beeline over to her to see what he could do. Just like that, he was left speechless as Hennix asked him to take her infant. However, when he saw that she had more children just inches away who also needed to get to safety, he immediately understood why she would make such a surprising request.

Clark wasn’t about to let the woman down, and without hesitation, he went above and beyond. After getting the baby to dry land, Clark then placed the little girl in his police cruiser and stayed with her for 3 hours as they waited for Hennix to make her way to them.

Fortunately, they did just that once again, making the family complete, but now, Hennix wanted to say thank you. Taking a KHOU news crew along to record video that has since been shared to YouTube, the mother tracked down Deputy Clark and wanted to let him know exactly how she felt about what he had done.

Of course, it was all smiles and hugs upon first laying eyes on each other once again – but that wasn’t all. Come to find out, Hennix brought the officer a baggie of goodies as a gift to officially say “thank you” for what he had done.

“I’m gonna get choked up,” Deputy Clark could be heard saying at the time. In the end, Clark says he’ll pass on the word hero, saying he was just out doing his job, but that’s exactly what he is.

Sadly, the left has even tried to use the recent tragedy to cause more divide but the American people just aren’t having it. Although so-called “progressives” would have you believe police officers are murderous racists, Clark here proves that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When push comes to shove, Americans – from all backgrounds – band together to help one another, and we’ve seen just that with the two most recent hurricanes. This is a great country, full of people who love, care, and respect one another. It’s time for the divisive liberals, such as those in the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements, to stop lying about that and acknowledge that the only ones causing problems here is them.