Black Leader Has Surprising Demand For Black Caucus After Trump’s Detroit Visit

Owens Has Surprising Demand Of Black Caucus After Trump's Detroit Visit
Congressional Black Caucus (Source: Progressives Today), Burgess Owens’ book cover (inset).

Burgess Owens, a leader in the black community, appeared on Fox News to discuss Donald Trump’s visit to Detroit on Saturday, and within his remarks, he had a huge demand for the Congressional Black Caucus. Now, his surprising statement is leaving the entire political world with their jaws dropped.

In response to what has widely been considered a very productive and successful visit by Donald Trump to Detroit’s Great Faith Ministries church on Saturday, former NFL player and author Burgess Owens gave his personal impression of Trump’s message.

It’s so refreshing to finally hear somebody talking about this after eight years of a black president who didn’t. I hope the people really take the time to understand, we’re looking for answers. It’s now time, the promises of sixty years to go away and take a look at the people who are suffering. Black misery is at an all-time high and it’s under Democratic policies. It’s nice that somebody is finally talking about it. Going to Detroit and going to places that really need to see it,” Owens remarked.

Owens, who authored the book Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men into Whiners, Weenies and Wimps, didn’t stop with just praising Trump for his efforts and honesty in addressing issues in the black community. He also laid out who is mainly at fault for those particular issues — Democrats.

In a surprising statement that’s absolute pure gold in its bold and simple logic, Owens also added a final blow in his criticism of Democrat policies by demanding that the Congressional Black Caucus be dismantled immediately.

I disagree in a big way with Black Lives Matter and this young quarterback who just did this demonstration recently. We can agree on one thing. We can agree that there is black oppression. And I’m going to ask them to join with me, to stand with me, to ask John Lewis, Elijah Cummings, and the Black Caucus to retire immediately. They have done absolutely nothing for the black race for the decades they’ve been in place other than vote and support 100% with no backbone whatsoever the anti-Black policies of the Democratic Party,” Owens asserted.

While the definition of “black oppression” in the context that it’s been popularly used recently is debatable, Owen’s assertion that Democrat policies have done immeasurable harm in the black community over the past several decades is indisputable.

According to a research article by Progressives Today, the Congressional Black Caucus has been an overwhelming failure. Beyond the fact that over one-third of Black Caucus members have been investigated for ethics violations, their majority black inhabited districts reflect their abysmal failures in improving the quality of life for their constituents.

Among the many recorded statistical shortcomings in the Black Caucus members’ districts are the number of people on public health assistance, percentage of people in poverty, high school dropouts, low-rent housing, and unemployment.

These results paint a bleak picture for the Congressional Black Caucus led districts. Overall, their constituents are black, poor, have low incomes, and rely on the government for their health care. They rent rather than own, are high school dropouts and are unemployed. Many constituents work in service positions and take public transportation to and from work. Clearly, the Democratic Party has failed these Americans. [via Progressives Today]

Everyone has heard the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.” However, as anyone can clearly see if they push aside the veil of the Democrat’s lies, our black communities are most definitely broken. Thankfully, though, an increasing number of black leaders are now beginning to see what conservatives have been begging them to realize for decades.

The Democrats are in the business of pandering to and manipulating black Americans in order to use them to keep themselves in power. Hopefully, with Donald Trump’s help, this will be the election that destroys the hypnotic hold that liberals have enjoyed having on our fellow Americans for far too long, and we will be able to come together to fix what the Democrats have broken in our black communities.

[h/t: The Gateway Pundit]