Black Lives Matter Got Girl Fired For Pro-Cop Post, She Gets Brutal Payback

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Black Lives Matter Got Girl Fired For Pro-Cop Post, She Gets Brutal Payback
After Crystal Escher (left) was terminated by Charlotte Fire Department for a pro-law enforcement, anti-Black Lives Matter post, they never expected that she’d get the last laugh. (Photo source: WFAE, National Review)

When a young woman made a pro-law enforcement post on Facebook, Black Lives Matter and other anti-police bigots immediately reported her, celebrating once they got her fired from her career. However, the conservative woman just got the perfect payback that has liberal activists and black supremacists squirming in their seats.

In 2014, black liberals took to the streets to riot over the death of Michael Brown, destroying their own neighborhoods and threatening the lives of whites and law enforcement officials. Endangering the lives of selfless first responders, looting thugs sought to silence and harm anyone standing up for true racial equality opposed to their violent supremacy. Unfortunately, this meant that anyone with a differing opinion could face losing their jobs or, worse, their lives.

Despite the risk, one young woman decided to take a stance on the political and racial hypocrisy. Taking to Facebook in August 2014, Charlotte Fire Department’s former fire investigator Crystal Eschert vented to friends, not only calling out Black Lives Matter thugs but the politicians who supported the terrorist group.

Soon after making the post, the North Carolina department told Eschert that she was terminated because of her “offensive and inflammatory” message. However, 2 years later, the indomitable young woman received the best payback imaginable.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Eschert took the department to court for retaliation and won a massive $1.5 million lawsuit against them on Thursday. In a monumental win, the jury awarded Eschert the giant payout after the city admitted and defended its right to fire her over the Facebook post.

Black Lives Matter Got Girl Fired For Pro-Cop Post, She Gets Brutal Payback
After former fire investigator Eschert (left) was fired for slamming Black Lives Matter rioters on a private Facebook post (right), she sued the department and won $1.5 million. (Photo source: WBTV, Spectrum News)

Eschert’s defense focused on free speech and the threat of political correctness to our constitutional rights. Showcasing the jury’s strong support of Eschert, one juror explained to reporters that she had the right to openly express her opinion without fear of retaliation.

“After reading the post in its entirety, she was expressing the frustrations people had with what was going on in the country. She has a right to do so. I don’t agree with it, but she has a right to do so,” the juror said.

As expected, the city attempted to defend its decision to terminate Eschert by alleging that her post could “cause racial unrest.” In short, they blamed Eschert for the rioting that blacks were already doing long before she made the observance that they were rioting. Luckily, this pathetic excuse didn’t convince the jury that the city had the right to infringe upon her First Amendment rights.

Blue Lives Matter pointed out that the city also claimed that a woman named Linda Havery was the one to complain that Eschert’s post would cause rioting. This became an issue with the court when they found that the informant didn’t exist, which was a major hole in the city’s defense.

Once their initial argument fell apart, the department attempted to blame Eschert’s use of the word “thug” as being racially inflammatory. Unfortunately for the defense, the definition of a thug is one who inflicts violence and criminal behavior — a perfectly acceptable synonym for the Ferguson rioters.

The jury decided that the city didn’t provide a valid reason for firing Eschert, subsequently voting unanimously in her favor and awarding her the incredible monetary amount.

In addition, the jury heard that although the city cited Eschert’s “racial” comments as grounds for termination, they never reprimanded other firefighters for racially insensitive posts. In one instance, an employee joked that black women often give their children outlandish names. Another posted a photo of Daquan Westbrook, a gunman who was shot by police in December 2015.

The city’s condemnation of Eschert but apathetic behavior toward other employees makes it seem as though race really wasn’t the issue. Perhaps the department didn’t like Eschert pointing out Barack Obama’s hypocrisy and divisive role in race relations. Whatever the case, the city took offense to Eschert’s conservative logic, which is perfectly fine. However, as soon they retaliated against her for it, they crossed a very costly line.

Thanks to the department’s tyrannical tendencies, Eschert is going to be a millionaire. Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson to the city of Charlotte not to hinder its citizens’ freedom of speech, no matter how much liberals disagree with it.

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