VIDEO: Black Lives Matter Thug Michael Bennett Insults Police, Instantly Gets Busted

Unfortunately, liberals have transformed the NFL — once a wholesome American pastime — into a cesspool of Marxist filth. Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is the latest punk to use football as a way to shove identity politics down our throats, but after making disgusting remarks about police, Bennett was instantly put in his place by the boys in blue.

Black Lives Matter Thug Michael Bennett Insults Police, Instantly Gets Busted by Cops
NFL player Michael Bennett (left) blamed “racial profiling” when he was detained by police (right), but he was busted when the Las Vegas Police Department put out the truth. (Photo Credit: Twitter/Michael Bennett, Screengrab/Youtube/Video Leak Police).

As CBS Sports reports, Bennett has recently made headlines by following the lead of anti-American quarterback Colin Kaepernick (who is still unemployed because of his antics) in refusing to stand for the National Anthem. Bennett claimed he was protesting after being “racially profiled” by police in Las Vegas, detained for “doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

However, the Vegas Police Department revealed one important detail that Bennett conveniently left out — the police were investigating gunshot sounds in a casino. When they approached the supposed location of the shots, Bennett saw the officers and immediately started to run. This seemed suspicious to the police, which is why they briefly detained him. As soon as police concluded he wasn’t involved in the crime, they let him go.

Bennett, like so many of the liberally indoctrinated Black Lives Matter thugs who now infest the NFL, sees racism everywhere. Despite the fact that these players live millionaire lifestyles most white people can only dream about, they perpetually see themselves as victims of “systemic racism.”

The Seahawks football player was on his way back to his hotel room from the Mayweather/McGregor boxing match on August 26 when he was momentarily detained by police. It’s funny, didn’t Mayweather win that fight? I guess white privilege doesn’t help white fighters win against their black opponents.

As Bennett walked through the Cromwell casino, something that sounded like gunfire was heard. Everyone took cover, Bennett included. Eventually, police arrived on the scene to investigate. They made their way to Drai’s nightclub, which is where their information told them shots had been fired.

As police walked by, they came into contact with Bennett. As would be expected, the thug leaves key details out of his account. These types always have selective memory. Bennett posted his version of the story to Twitter.

If a police officer randomly went up to you and threatened to blow your brains out, that would be cause for worry. Except Bennett never mentions that he, for some strange reason, decided to book it at the sight of cops. Wouldn’t an innocent man in the middle of a life-and-death situation be happy to see the police? It’s the guilty who flee.

Kevin McMahill, the Undersheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, describes what really happened. “As they moved toward the nightclub, an individual later identified as Bennett was seen crouched down behind a gaming machine as the officers approached,” McMahill said. “Once Bennett was in the officer’s view, he quickly ran out the south doors, jumped over a wall onto Flamingo Road East of Las Vegas Boulevard into traffic.”

McMahill also dismissed the notion that this was a  case of “racial profile,” saying, “I can tell you as I stand here today, I see no evidence of that. I see no evidence that race played any role in this incident.” But, there’s more.

It turns out TMZ captured the incident on tape. Their exclusive footage does indeed show Bennett being handcuffed, but that whole bit about police putting a gun to his head and threatening to blow his brains out? Nowhere to be seen.

What we have here is a case of another cry baby leftist celebrity. It’s sad that these losers have so much hate for the country that has given them so much. Bennett really ought to stick to football or risk embarrassing himself further.

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