Top Cop Says Black Lives Matter Murdered 762 in 2016 — One Way To STOP Them

One top cop has come forward with shocking information about Black Lives Matter that will blow your mind. He exposed how Black Lives Matter has murdered 762 in 2016, and unless we act now, these killings will just go on. The truth about Black Lives Matter and their crimes needs to come out, and you’ll be ready to support our police officers and learn the one way to stop these criminals once and for all.

Obama Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett welcomes BLM leader Brittany Packnett to White House (left), Dallas police officer comforts relative of cop killed in the line of duty during BLM protest (right)

Seven hundred and sixty-two is the number of murders in Chicago in 2016. That is a staggering number, up by 58% from 2015, and there is one common denominator that directly influenced the way members of the Chicago Police Department did their jobs in 2016, and that’s Black Lives Matter.

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Chicago, adopted hometown of Barack Obama with his good pal Rahm Emmanuel the mayor, created an anti-cop atmosphere that escalated so badly that cops couldn’t do their jobs. Black Lives Matter sold the city on their mantra that the cops were out to kill them.

Now, one retired top cop from Chicago is speaking out about Black Lives Matter and the blood on their hands. “So what’s happening, and this is ironic, is that a movement with the goal of saving black lives at this point is getting black lives taken, because 80 percent of our murder victims here in Chicago are male blacks,” said Garry McCarthy, a Bronx native who served as the NYPD’s deputy commissioner of operations before eventually moving over to Chicago.

McCarthy claims that Black Lives Matter is encouraging young people to not comply with police. He went on to prove how the BLM is directly responsible for these murders:

It’s legitimizing that non-compliance, Black Lives Matter is promoting a “state of lawlessness” and is thereby directly to blame for an increase in both civilian-on-civilian violence and shootings of police officers. The simplest way to describe it is that we have created an environment where we have emboldened criminals and we are hamstringing the police. [via Daily News]

Retired NYPD Deputy Commissioner Garry McCarthy (left), Black Lives Matter rioters (right)

Remember, to be guilty of murder, being an accomplice is enough. Aiding and abetting an atmosphere which hampered police officers from patrolling certain areas or making certain high risk stops all leads to situations in which murders happen. Add in the 58% increase in murders in one year, and it’s simple to come to the conclusion, beyond reasonable doubt, that Black Lives Matter is directly responsible.

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Of course, the conmen who run Black Lives Matter tell another story. “The movement began as a call to end violence and that call remains true today,” BLM leader DeRay Mckesson told the Daily News Monday evening.

So, what is the answer? Black Lives Matter must be deemed a terrorist organization. There is no difference between the BLM and the KKK. The leaders should have to face charges of inciting riots, impeding police officers while in the commission of their duties, and, lastly, second or third-degree murder charges.

The beat cops, who day in and day out put on a bullet proof vest and pray they make it home at the end of their shift, have been demonized by Black Lives Matter. We have seen the increase in the shootings and murders of cops all through 2016.

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With Obama leaving office, it’s time we see Black Lives Matter brought to justice. Anyone pretending they are some protest group is delusional. Facts and statistics don’t lie, but those who support these scumbags do. Support the good guys, and spread this information. It’s time to stop the murders of civilians and cops alike and heal the wounds that the Obama regime created.

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