‘Young Black Man’ Working At Airport Confronts Allen West, Quickly Makes Ultimate Mistake

Prominent conservative Allen West flew to Florida this week, where he visited an Enterprise at the Ft. Lauderdale airport to rent a vehicle. There, a “young black man” confronted him and quickly made the ultimate mistake.

Allen West (left), an Enterprise worker shakes hands with a customer (right) (Photo Credit: Allen West/Facebook, Screen Capture/Enterprise Rent-A-Car/Facebook)

As a public figure, Allen West can’t always tell if the strangers he comes into contact with know who he is. However, when he landed in South Florida this week, the “young black man” working at the rental car agency quickly gave away the fact that he did not know who West was.

“I just arrived to South Florida as my wife, Angela’s birthday is tomorrow,” West wrote on his website Wednesday. “I went over to rent a vehicle at Enterprise upon landing. As I was going over the vehicle with the very professional, articulate young black male sales associate he made the ultimate mistake,” West revealed.

“Yep, he assumed that since I was black, I was a Democrat,” he explained. “And so he went on to say, ‘Our boy Jones pulled it out for us in Alabama.’ Realizing that he had no idea who I was…oh yeah, time to play ambush,” West wrote.

“So I responded, yes, we needed that one…that was all it took,” continued West. “He then expressed to me that now we can move to impeach Trump and get him out of office. I responded by saying, you cannot impeach a person because you don’t like him. He retorted that we can now take him out over sexual assault charges — I had to correct him with the word allegations,” West went on.

“I asked him if this was the same as with Bill Clinton; he said that was different. So, quickly I explained that Bill Clinton was ‘impeached’ over his lying under oath, but he did not resign nor was (he) removed from office. Also, the egregious actions of Bill Clinton did occur in the Oval Office, while he was president, unlike with Trump…so why the double standard?” continued West.

“Uh oh, my dear young friend was confused, and decided to pivot to another avenue: ‘Trump is going to get us into a war with North Korea.'” wrote West. “I explained to the young man that I was a 22-year retired Army officer who’d been stationed on the Korean Peninsula in 1995,” he added. “I quickly used the parallel of dealing with a bully. And I asked him if he was comfortable with Kim Jung Un firing missiles with the capability to reach the United States,” West recalled.

“I asked him, how did he believe we should deal with a bully…and how does one do so on the streets? I made the historical comparison to Neville Chamberlain and his appeasement, acquiescence, and subjugation to Adolf Hitler all because he wanted to avoid a war…how did that work out?” asked West.

“I asked the young fella if he preferred Obama’s dismissal of all the bad behavior of North Korea for the past eight years?” West went on. “So, why would he be upset about Donald Trump standing up to a bully? His last line of approach was to shift to referring to Trump as being unstable, and I asked if he has a doctorate of psychiatry,” he added.

“Lesson learned: the progressive socialist leftists aren’t really deep thinkers. They’re part of a herd mentality, a collective, that receive their talking points chip inserted and are ill-equipped to critically think, especially in a five-minute span of conversation,” West continued.

“But what I would advise to blacks is stop thinking skin tone dictates brain activity and political philosophy,” he added. “I hope that if anything, the young man at the Ft. Lauderdale airport rental car facility will study, and not just repeat lines. And he should be careful to never assume that someone thinks as he does, just because someone has told him all blacks are Democrats,” West relayed.

“Some of us used our individual liberty and belief in the equality of opportunity to flee the liberal progressive economic plantation. And we ain’t going back!” West concluded emphatically.

Hopefully, the wisdom which Allen West imparted on the misguided “young black man” he met this week was enough to make him reconsider his political preferences. It would be very dangerous for the Democratic Party if the black community were to begin waking up and realizing that they are being used by politicians who fight hard to keep them mentally enslaved. Indeed, the more young black men West can point towards conservatism, the better.

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