Black Man Thought No One Saw What He Was Doing, Until White Guy Stood Up

It was a cold and frigid day in New York, as a black man rode the subway, thinking no one saw what he was doing. Then, a white guy stood up and approached him, leaving no doubt that the stranger and his behavior had been noticed.

The incident was caught on video by Lazaro Nolasco, a videographer and Facebook user, who uploaded the footage to the social media site, where it amassed over 11 million views. As the black man sat shirtless, his body reacted to the cold, and he began to shiver. Noticing what was happening, a white guy walked up and took the shirt off his back. Then, an act of kindness rarely seen was captured.

After the original Facebook video was taken down for unknown reasons, it was quickly uploaded again. Nolasco thought people needed to see this video, displaying a most courageous act of compassion. “The guy didn’t have a shirt on,” Nolasco told the Daily News. “His body looked sick. The guy did a good deed, so I wanted to record it,” he added. “I would tell him, ‘God bless him.’ That was thoughtful.”

Once Nolasco got off the subway, both of the men in the video stayed behind, so it is unclear if the “shivering man” has sought medical treatment.

After the video was taken down by Facebook, WABC managed to track down Joey Resto, the man who gave up his shirt. ABC7NY picked up the story, aiding in the video’s viral status. Resto is only 23-years-old, and reports say that all the other passengers on the train sat as far away from the shivering man as possible due to his odor, as he was homeless.

Resto didn’t follow the crowd, and he literally gave the homeless and freezing man the shirt off his back. “It was freezing that night. He looked cold and hungry,” Resto explained. He also put his own hat on the homeless man’s bruised and battered head. “He looked so weak and frail. I had to help him, or he would not put it on,” Resto added.

We don’t hear enough about compassion with all the negativity in this world clogging up our news feed. It’s truly heartwarming to see our fellow humans help each other out to this extent. Resto is a good man. Kindness has become a rare characteristic for much of our society.

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