Black Model In ‘Racist’ Dove Commercial Slaps Offended Liberals With 7 Brilliant Words

When Dove soap released a commercial featuring women of differing skin color morphing into one another, liberals immediately deemed the ad “racist” and demanded its removal. However, the black model in the supposed racist ad has come forward with 7 brilliant words that put the sensitive race-baiters in their place.

After a Facebook commercial went viral for its “racist” message, Nigerian model Lola Ogunyemi (left and inset) came forward to slam critics with 7 simple words. (Photo credit: Nay/Twitter, Lola Ogunyemi/LinkedIn)

As the left continues to promote identity politics, Americans find themselves further divided, excluded, and at the mercy of relentless social justice warriors. Nearly anything can and will be construed as racist simply because one or more offended individuals deem it as such. Not only does this political witch hunt trivialize actual racism, which is far more rampant in non-Western countries, it represses the minorities who dare to disagree with the Democratic Party, which believes it still owns the black community long after Republicans abolished slavery.

Recently, Dove published a Facebook ad promoting their soap, which they claim is gentle enough for all skin types. The short commercial used digital imagery to portray women of several skin shades removing their shirts to reveal a woman of a differing color underneath. The only problem is that liberal race-baiters cropped images and footage of the ad to make it appear as though Dove only featured a black model morphing into a white model, conveying a racist before-and-after message. Of course, the ebony-skinned model from the ad not only came forward to correct the deliberately misleading imagery but also set the record straight about alleged racism.

As a contributor to The Guardian, Nigerian model Lola Ogunyemi not only defended Dove and those working on the advertising campaign but slammed those using her image to label the company racist, telling them, “I am not just some silent victim.” Ogunyemi added that Dove has the right to defend their advertisement without shame because they have included women of all colors, skin types, shapes, and ages.

“The narrative has been written without giving consumers context on which to base an informed opinion, Ogunyemi wrote. “While I agree with Dove’s response to unequivocally apologise for any offense caused, they could have also defended their creative vision, and their choice to include me, an unequivocally dark-skinned black woman, as a face of their campaign. I am not just some silent victim of a mistaken beauty campaign. I am strong, I am beautiful, and I will not be erased.”

Black Model In 'Racist' Dove Commercial Slaps Down Offended Liberals With 7 Brilliant Words
Ogunyemi called out social justice warriors for editing the original image, which featured women of differing colors equally changing into one another, and expressed her outrage at being used for the left’s political agenda. (Photo credit: Alexander/Twitter)

Ogunyemi laments the fact that simply searching “racist ad” renders a picture of her face as the top results, adding that she had been excited to join the Dove campaign for beauty in all forms. She added that she was disheartened after she “went online and discovered I had become the unwitting poster child for racist advertising.”

Ogunyemi explained that she was shocked to see that social media users had edited the original clip, which featured “me, a white woman, and an Asian woman removing our nude tops and changing into each other.” She expressed that she “loved it” and was upset to discover that someone had cropped the 13-second video to pit her against the pale-skinned, redheaded model in order to portray Dove as blatantly racist.

“Then the first Facebook ad was released: a 13-second video clip featuring me, a white woman, and an Asian woman removing our nude tops and changing into each other. I loved it. My friends and family loved it. People congratulated me for being the first to appear, for looking fabulous, and for representing Black Girl Magic. I was proud,” she wrote.

Ogunyemi reiterates that she never would’ve taken the job with Dove if she felt that she’d be portrayed as “inferior,” clarifying that the unedited ad does not promote any negative connotation but, in fact, embodies equality and individualism. Despite her vocalizing the unfounded crucifixion of Dove, Ogunyemi’s words have fallen on the deaf ears of those who merely want to use her for their twisted propaganda.

In an effort to salvage the face of their company, Dove has issued an apology to those offended, according to CBS News. Despite being the victim of a dishonest social campaign, Dove fruitlessly hopes their remorse for nonexistent racism will satisfy the insatiable left.

“An image we recently posted on Facebook missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully. We deeply regret the offense it caused,” Dove posted on Twitter.

Still, stubbornly ignorant political headhunters rejected Dove’s unnecessary apology, refusing to accept that they are pawns in the leftist agenda.

Thanks to social justice, liberals are able to ruin individuals and businesses with flagrant rumors and incessant denigration. Using the same tactic Adolf Hitler praised, the left sells simple lies and repeats them until they are taken as fact. The latest of their divisive schemes involves lambasting the U.S. as the epitome of racism in a bid to turn every American against one another.

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