BUSTED: Black Parkland Survivor Exposes David Hogg & His RACIST PAST

Tragedy celebrity David Hogg is in hot water, and the liberal media is trying to cover this up. Mei-Ling Ho-Shing goes to school with Hogg, and she’s an African-American student who has come forward accusing Hogg of being racist now and in the past. Mei-Ling is trying to get the word out, and the anti-gun teen activist is scared that the truth might end his newfound fame.

Mei-Ling Ho-Shing (left) and David Hogg (right) (Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

The liberal mainstream media is trying to protect their new anti-gun darling, David Hogg. So when one of his fellow classmates, Mei-Ling Ho-Shing, made allegations that David was being a media hog who refuses to share the limelight with blacks, oh boy did the leftists have a huge problem.

If you’re sick of David Hogg, this is great news. He is getting exactly what he deserves. What Hogg and his handlers are so scared of is that Black Lives Matter is now stepping in. Mei-Ling triggered the radicals who see everything as racist. Now, the leftist media and Hogg are in damage control.

Liberal-leaning Huffington Post reported, “Black students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are calling out the March for Our Lives movement ― at once commending the teens leading it for their efforts to be inclusive and pushing them to go a step further by sharing the spotlight with their own black peers.”

“We’re saying you don’t see much of us at the forefront,” 17-year-old junior Mei-Ling Ho-Shing, who is black, told HuffPost earlier this week. The fluff piece goes on to say that David Hogg has been “rightly celebrated” but it’s time for him to relinquish some of the limelight for “students of color.”

Mei-Ling goes on to say, “David Hogg, we’re proud of him, but he mentioned he was going to use his white privilege to be the voice for black communities, and we’re kind of sitting there like, ‘You know there are Stoneman Douglas students who could be that voice.’”

Ebony Magazine reported, “Black students who attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. held a press conference to address their concerns since returning to school. While a handful of their White classmates are getting national attention after the mass shooting left 17 dead at their school, they say their concerns as students of color are not being highlighted in the same regard.”

Americans who can read between the lines see that Hogg is getting blowback from black students. They are calling him “racist,” and the liberal media pretends that this is not going on. Then, there are more accusations about his past.

Huffington Post spoke to Mei-Ling, who accuses Hogg and his cohorts of being racist in the past, reporting, “Still, some black students at the school in Parkland, Florida, where a gunman killed 17 people in February, contend that the student activists haven’t quite practiced this inclusivity in their own backyards.”

Now, what does that mean? It means that Mei-Ling and the other African-American students who showed up at this presser are basically saying, “David Hogg and his gang are racists. He and his cohorts haven’t included us, and it’s nothing new.”

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior Tyah-Amoy Roberts also told Refinery29 that Hogg and the other organizers haven’t been practicing what they preach. Tyah said that she has personally never been invited to a meeting by the group.

Frederick Ley tweeted, “@davidhogg111 Surprise, surprise, now you are the racist. Some black students at the school in Parkland, Florida, where a gunman killed 17 people in February, contend that the student activists haven’t quite practiced this inclusivity in their own backyards, like David Hogg.”

The leftist creates a monster in Hogg, elevate him as their anti-gun poster kid, and then their own radical movement of making everything racist comes back to bite them in the behind. Those of us who are pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment can just sit back, make some popcorn, and watch them destroy each other.

According to Black Lives Matter, David is too white to lead this radical leftist movement. Who whipped up these African-American students at Parkland and gave them their talking points? According to The Miami Herald, it was “Tifanny Burks, a community organizer with Black Lives Matter Alliance Broward, which helped gather the students on Wednesday.”

The liberal media wants to put this situation in flowery terms, but it’s quite clear that if Hogg was pro-gun, the gloves would be off and the mainstream media would be hitting him hard. As conservatives, we need to exploit this as they exploit us. This is war, and when you see a breach in your enemy’s camp, it’s fair game to point it out.

David Hogg might just be taken out by Black Lives Matter, and that’s just fine with those of us who are pro-Second Amendment. This is how political battles are won, and I’d love nothing more than to see these leftist losers implode.

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