‘Black Power’ Liberal Thugs Attack Tomi Lahren’s Cab Like ZOMBIES [VIDEO]

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'Black Power' Liberal Thugs Attack Tomi Lahren's Cab Like ZOMBIES [VIDEO]
Tomi Lahren
“Black Power” liberal thugs across the nation have lost their minds, attacking Tomi Lahren’s cab like zombies, but that’s not all that was captured in the video.

Terrifying behavior like this from the so-called “tolerant left” is causing more people to get concealed carry permits.

People in America have the right to protest. Free speech is invaluable to our society and, ultimately, the sharing of ideas can make all of us better.

Violent protests, however, are harmful to the degree that people should be removed from the public venue until they can find a more productive outlet for their opinions.

As CNBC reported:

Police fired tear gas on the streets of Washington, D.C., and arrested at least 200 people as protesters angry over the inauguration of President Donald Trump smashed windows of businesses, upended trash cans and scuffled with cops.

“Donald Trump is a racist!” shouted one woman nearby Trump as he was sworn in as president on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. She was quickly led away by authorities.

The business targeted in the capital’s downtown included a McDonald’s, branches of Bank of America and Wells Fargo and a Starbucks, whose window were all smashed.

Things were so out of hand that people who are recognized conservatives were targeted by enraged thugs. Sean Hannity had eggs thrown at him in the footage below:

Conservative icon Tomi Lahren found herself being stalked by anti-Trump protesters in hoodies.

Lahren — “Here’s the problem, it was not a hospitable environment for Trump supporters. I saw so many Trump supporters  that were afraid to say they were going to the inauguration because the loving left, which is actually the unloving and intolerant left, were attacking Trump supporters.

I had folks with the black power symbol on the back of their hoodies, track me down, try to pound on my cab door, jump on the hood of my cab, and try to bust the windshield out.”

Video below:

Tomi has a valid point. No wonder television ratings of Trump’s Inauguration set records. Most of us would rather stay home and watch the event on television where there is no risk of assault.

For many, the threat of thugs in hoodies pounding on a cab would result in a defensive, concealed-carry shooting, and who wants to go through all of that?

If liberals truly want to have a productive discussion of issues, they must rise above senseless violence and embrace peaceful protests. Otherwise, they will continue to lose support and lose elections.