Black Woman Speaks To Sanctuary City Town Hall, SHOCKS With 8 Badass Words

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Black Woman Speaks To Sanctuary City Town Hall, SHOCKS With 8 Badass Words
A black woman (center) had eight words for the politicians who made her town a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

After opening a public forum for members of the community to speak about their sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, a few politicians realized they bit off more than they could chew. That was proven to be the case when a black woman approached the podium – and she left the panel in complete shock after dropping eight badass words.

Most of America is aware of the Democrats’ tactics to hinder President Donald Trump’s efforts at every turn, but at this point, they’re just putting the lives of their constituents at risk. In fact, as we continue to see more sanctuary cities pop up, we’re also seeing a spike in crime that comes along with it – but not everyone is taking it lying down.

In fact, residents of Cudahy, California, were so outraged over the decision to let criminals roam free within their town limits that local politicians were forced to open their doors to hear everyone out. Unfortunately for them, they had no idea what they were in for when they scheduled the town hall meeting – or more specifically, who was coming.

All caught on video, an unidentified black woman, who just so happens to be a Trump supporter, used every second of her time to rip her local politicians a new one. However, it was when she uttered the 8 simple words, “Thank God for Trump…. You should be ashamed,” that she shocked everyone inside. Unfortunately for the politicians, that wasn’t all she had to say, and things only got worse for them as her bold rant called them out:

When my people do a crime, it’s three strikes you’re out. When you do it, you get amnesty!… Sanctuary cities are racist!… Again the black community has literally been destroyed by racist illegal immigration, and we’re not going to have it. When my people do a crime they get three strikes. When your people do a crime they get amnesty, they get benefits, and they’re not paying taxes… But it’s over. It’s over. Thank God for Trump…. You should be ashamed of yourself! How dare you!” [Source: The Gateway Pundit]

She’s absolutely right – and it’s disgusting. Justice is supposed to be blind. If you commit a crime, you pay the consequences. It’s as simple as that, or, at least, it should be. America is a nation of laws and rules. If you can’t follow them, be prepared to be held accountable for breaking them.

The liberal period of lawlessness is over. They may not like it, and heck, they might even fight it, but it isn’t going to do them any good. There’s a new sheriff in town, and things are going to start looking a little different around here.