Black Students Outraged By ‘Racist’ Teacher’s Lesson, There’s Just 1 Issue

'Racist' White Teacher In Trouble After Whiny Black Students Start Uproar
Stock image of a classroom (left), Howard University (right)

A professor from Howard University in Washington, D.C., is in hot water after teaching a difficult topic to several minority students. Instead of being adults over the matter, the whiny students have since started an uproar, claiming that their white teacher and his lesson is “racist,” but there’s just one problem.

The white Howard University Professor, who has remained unnamed, was teaching his class about something that can’t be changed — American history. Unfortunately, this includes slavery, and he requested their assistance in an instructional exercise. In a classroom lesson that he’ll likely never forget, the professor decided the best way to inform his students on this significant part of American history was to turn his classroom into a mock slave auction.

After approaching two black boy’s in his class, he asked one to stand up because he “looked ‘healthy’ and ‘like the type of slave buyers would look for,'” according to Downtrend. Obviously, the professor wasn’t actually calling the black boy a slave, but rather, he was trying to show the class how a slave owner would examine the slaves for sale during an auction.

Allegedly, some students begged the professor to stop, but he ignored their complaints to further imprint the moment in history on their minds. Regardless as to how it made the students feel, the professor knew he needed to accurately convey what happened in history for them to effectively understand – as most teachers would do if they were asked to teach such an uncomfortable history lesson to students.

Unfortunately, the black students in the class have since caused an uproar over the teacher’s lesson. Once the school administrators heard about the incident, they released a statement that read, “The University is aware of the incident and is investigating the matter,” according to WJLA. Unfortunately, there are many people who are calling for the professor’s termination, without considering the fact that he was merely teaching a lesson in history.

Oddly, these same students are likely to be the ones demanding reparations for slavery. Yet, they are too fragile to learn about what actually happened. If that’s not hypocritical, I don’t know what is. I guess we can add this to the list of things white people aren’t allowed to discuss, even if it’s their job to do so.

Sadly, in this post-Obama America, teaching black students about slave auctions will apparently get you labeled a racist and potentially risk your job. The past cannot be changed, but we can learn from it. However, we have to face the uncomfortable truth in order to do so. Although slavery is a horrible blemish on American history, it must still be taught and learned. Ignoring history does not change it, but rather allows it to be repeated.

To teach about it, even in a way where students act it out, does not condone what was done. If anything, this teacher proved just how awful it was — hence the discomfort felt by the students. That’s effective teaching. Sometimes learning the truth is uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean it should be silenced.

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