Black Students Kicked Out of Uber for MAGA Hats, They Decide to Strike Back

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When two young black conservatives tried to enter an Uber car, they were met with a nasty shock. The driver refused to serve them because they were wearing Trump hats. This kind of discrimination is becoming more and more common in our country, but these two Americans have decided to strike back.

A couple of black conservatives were denied service by Uber. They are striking back. (Photo Credit: U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh/Flickr, Chamtrumping/Wikimedia Commons)

Black Americans have fought for a long time to end racial discrimination. Over the course of many decades, brave Americans stood up to unjust laws and practices. It was once common in many parts of the United States for black people to be treated worse than white people. Much work and legislation have been done to overturn such practices.

Today, many liberals will claim black people suffer just as much as they did in the Jim Crow South. They want black Americans to believe they are perpetual victims; that white Americans and the government owe them much. They claim this, despite the fact that many black Americans have achieved great things in this country.

But in a way, black activists and Black Lives Matter have a point. There are some black Americans that face serious persecution, harassment, and discrimination in our country. Those are black conservatives. The brave black Americans who break from the Democratic Party are treated as literal traitors to their race. Liberals have no problem slandering these Americans, using slurs and insults considered completely unacceptable (in any other circumstance).

Recent months have revealed the true hatred liberals have towards black conservatives. Ben Carson, a one-time Republican candidate for president, was treated horribly by the liberal media. Kayne West was brave enough to express his support for President Trump. People in the entertainment industry claimed he was mentally ill. Candance Owens, a popular conservative thinker and spokesperson, is regularly harassed and belittled by so-called “feminists” online.

Then there are the regular, everyday people. Folks like you and me who just want to live their lives in peace and safety. Black conservatives who openly support the president are bullied, attacked, insulted, and denied basic services in restaurants. It’s almost as if we’re back in the 1960’s.

Recently, two young black conservatives tried to use Uber to get a ride. The problem? They were proudly wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. This Uber driver decided he had the right to discriminate against them. But this pair of patriots is not taking it lying down.

Matthew Handy and Adria Barrington discovered it is not always easy to be a black conservative who supports President Donald Trump in Washington, DC.

Handy and Barrington were part of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives’ summer intern program. The program, which just wrapped up last week, affords young, black conservatives the opportunity to work with like-minded members of Congress and at conservative think tanks in the nation’s capital…

They never expected that their journey would include facing discrimination because of their political beliefs.

But that changed when Handy and Barrington and another friend ordered an Uber to take them to Trump International Hotel for a Make America Great Again meetup.

The driver spotted their MAGA hats and allegedly refused to give them a ride. [Source: Breitbart]

In recent months we’ve seen this happen time and again. Our country prohibits companies from discriminating against customers based on nearly everything except politics. Liberals believe they are allowed to refuse service, going as far as threatening customers, because they support the President of the United States.

Even if those customers are two young black people, this idiot Uber driver decided he had a right to discriminate. So much for civil rights.

Time and again, Democrats prove they are the most bigoted people in the country. They claim to be accepting of everyone — unless you’re a conservative. I guess their open-mindedness can only go so far. You can be a violent jihadist and they’ll accept you. But if you’re pro-life and believe in limited government? GET OUT OF THE CAR!

But this episode has not deterred these two conservatives. In fact, it has inspired them.

Handy and Barrington told Breitbart News they were taken aback by the encounter but, at the end of the day, they feel empowered.

“I was mad,” Handy said. “I was furious. It struck a chord with me only because we’re supposed to be accepting of everybody else but when it comes to us and our beliefs, we’re supposed to keep them quiet or hide them.”

“We were discriminated against based on our political affiliation,” Handy said, adding that he’s determined to follow his political dreams.

Barrington said she has never really worn her political ideology on her sleeve, but going forward things will be different.

Barrington said the discrimination she faced would make her “push harder.”

“I might even run for office now,” Barrington said. “It’s just an empowering effect.”

“I want to be the face of the new black American conservatives,” Barrington said. “I think it will start here with us. I really do.” [Source: Breitbart]

That bigoted Uber driver thought he was striking a blow against Trump supporters. He was hoping to silence and bully black conservatives by denying them service. Instead, he sparked a fire inside these two Americans. Now, they will be even more open about their beliefs and perhaps run for office.

Democrats don’t understand what is happening within the black community. Many black Americans are waking up for the first time. They are beginning to realize the Democratic Party is simply using them. And they are striking back. It looks like the liberals are in big trouble.