Arrested Black Studies Professor Claims Racism…Cops Drop TRUTH BOMB

Imani Perry, who is the Princeton University Professor of African-American Studies, has accused the police of racial discrimination following her arrest. Perry posted a Facebook rant, claiming her “blackness” contributed to her treatment, which she says was abusive.

Perry went on to post about how police treat people with dark flesh and how she will continue the struggle against “racism.” Perry told reporters she is using social media to make known her racist arrest, but the police warned her they would have to take action if she continued her campaign of using her race as an excuse.

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Imani Perry’s arrest occurred on February 6th for driving 67 mph in a 30 mph zone. Even with her speed way above the legal limit, the officer at that point was only going to write her a ticket and send her on her way. After the officer ran her license, he found a warrant for Perry’s arrest for a two-year old parking ticket, and he was mandated to arrest Perry.

After carrying out the checks, the officer returns to tell her that she has a warrant for a parking offense in New Jersey from two years ago — not three, as Perry claimed.

The officer then tells her: “What you’re going to have to do is come with us, it’s $130, so if you have that money we’ll be able to post and we’ll be able to get you right back out. We’ll drop you off at the university since you really shouldn’t be driving because of your suspended license.” [via Daily Mail]

The Princeton police gave Perry fair warning that they would make parts of her arrest public as she continued to rant via Facebook and Twitter. The police waited five days until they released the dash-cam footage of Perry’s arrest.

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An article from the Princeton Planet quotes Perry’s posts on social media. Most of Perry’s statements, now discredited, talk about her outstanding qualities:

In a later statement, issued through Facebook, she added: “I hope against hope that the attention my story has received, and the fact that many people will give me the benefit of the doubt because of my profession, my small build, my attachment to elite universities, and because prominent people will vouch for my integrity and responsibility, can be converted into something more important. I hope that this circle of attention will be part of a deeper reckoning with how and why police officers behave the way they do, especially towards those of us whose flesh is dark.” [via Daily Mail]

Now, in the aftermath of the release of the video, all of Perry’s social media accounts are deleted. There is something about the truth that cuts right through all the recent crap about race, from Beyoncé’s Super Bowl racist montage to Imani Perry feeling her blackness trumps truth. The truth doesn’t have a color.

Americans are getting so tired of this Black Lies Matter movement. Could those fine officers have been any nicer to this woman? They were so courteous, reassuring her and offering to drop her off at the university, which is something they do not have to do. You can see and hear they feel for her, but she chose to lie.

Perry was trying to make a name for herself in the struggle to spread lies about racism and the police. She may have fancied herself the Beyoncé of female black professors. As smart as Perry thought she was, she forgot one thing — the truth eventually comes out.

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[h/t The Blaze]

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