Black Trump Supporter Brutally Attacked, Gives Antifa Feminazi A Nasty Surprise

R.C. Maxwell is a black Donald Trump supporter, who is involved in exposing the hatred and violence of the Antifa thugs. Maxwell bravely attempts to engage Antifa in open discourse, and as a young African-American conservative, he usually finds only violence, no conversation. Maxwell has been brutally beaten for his beliefs, so when one obnoxious Antifa feminist came along to start trouble, the young Trump supporter gave her a nasty surprise that stopped her dead in her tracks.

Antifa feminazi (left), R.C. Maxwell getting beat-up by Antifa thugs in Laguna Beach, California (right) (Photo Credit: Mike Cernovich/Twitter,  Screengrab/NBC Los Angeles)

R.C. Maxwell calls himself “the Black Hannity,” referring to Fox News anchor Sean Hannity. Maxwell, like Hannity, is a huge Trump supporter, and he is attempting to follow in the footsteps of his idol by showing up at Antifa riots and getting right in the thick of things, making video recordings to show the world what is really going on.

For this, he had been beaten several times. On Sunday, September 10th, he went to Santa Monica, Calfornia, where an Antifa gathering was happening. With his cameraman and his mic in hand, Maxwell attempted to ask questions. When the Antifa thugs found out he was a Trump supporter, they immediately encircled him and threatened him. Wearing their signature bandanas as face masks, the cowards surrounding him started to bump into him.

One idiot feminazi, a white woman, spewed hatred, telling him, “You’re a disgrace to your race.” You might ask yourself what in the hell does she know about being a black male? Nothing, of course. That’s when R.C. really gave her a nasty surprise that shut her the hell up.

Maxwell questions her assumptions, asking her, “Because I was, what, raised Christian conservative? … Why is it legitimate for you, as a white woman, to tell a young black man that I’m a disgrace to my race because I have a political belief system that you don’t agree with, why is that okay?”

She has only one comeback, a tired old liberal lie, saying, “Because the political system that you believe in doesn’t support you or your people.”

Maxwell responded, “Really, libertarianism and fiscal conservatism, the new right, doesn’t support blacks?” That’s where the video ends, but this just goes to show that mixed in with just plain thugs, who are out to riot, there are these pseudo intellectual liberals who don’t have a clue just how ignorant they sound, but Maxwell delivered a nasty surprise to this one in particular when he exposed her ignorance to the world.

Maxwell has truth on his side. Star Parker, an African-American conservative, was once stuck on what she called “Uncle Sam’s Plantation.” Parker told The Daily Caller, “The Democratic machine has built up this plantation. Then, they gerrymander the plantation in order to keep getting re-elected. When an African-American tries to stand up and challenges this system, they are quickly silenced, and treated like an escaped slave.”

Parker continued, “Just like a slave, they are dragged back to the farm and stripped of their integrity. We saw it done to the likes of Clarence Thomas, Bill Cosby, and we will see it done again.”

Parker also commented on policies like affirmative action, and how they affect the black community. “I think affirmative action is a disruption to the black journey towards freedom. Blacks were told they couldn’t compete on their own, and this distracted them from the true mission of the civil rights movement. We have to allow people to live free, and achieve their goals based on merit,” she explained.

Parker was on welfare and finally wanted off the plantation of her Democrat masters. She now runs a think tank in Washington, D.C., bringing the truth to young blacks.

This rhetoric that the white Antifa woman spewed at Maxwell are the lies the left needs to believe to remain hardcore liberals. R.C. Maxwell and other black conservatives burst their bubble, and the leftists, in turn, get very angry. The Democrats like Maxine Waters, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson make their money off the backs of those kept on Uncle Sam’s dime. We applaud Maxwell’s courage under fire and appreciate the message he is bringing to those Antifa thugs. He is part of making America great again.

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