‘That’s Not True’: Dems TERRIFIED By Black Woman’s Remarks At Trump Rally

Trump Sees Incredible Support From Women During Michigan Rally

On Tuesday, presidential hopeful Donald Trump held a rally in Michigan, and over 10,000 people attended, including women from all walks of life. But one black woman in particular spoke up, and what she had to say is beyond terrifying for the Democrats going into election season.

If you follow the mainstream media, you know the current narrative is that women, especially minority women, wouldn’t ever vote for The Donald because of his “rampant sexism” combined with “racist rhetoric.” But, apparently, that’s not the case, as a video taken by the American Mirror shows.

Reporter Kyle Olsen attended Trump’s rally, where over 30,000 tickets were given out for the venue that holds just 10,000, and he discovered a rather interesting phenomenon occurring inside, despite the current narrative from the mainstream media. He walked around and interviewed the women there, and not only were they far more diverse than what you’d see at a Hillary Clinton rally, they’re passionately supporting Trump, even though some have never been involved in politics before.

Women like Donald Trump at Grand Rapids, Michigan rally

Women like Donald Trump at Grand Rapids, Michigan rally

Posted by The American Mirror on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

“I like Donald Trump because I feel like he’s honest with the people,” said a woman sporting a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt. She added that she believes Senator Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton are pretty much “in the same party.”

Perhaps the most damning interview for establishment politicians was with a black woman, who’s well aware of how damaging the progressive left has been to the black community. She believes Trump is a non-traditional candidate, which is why she’s drawn to him, because women and minorities are “non-traditional Republicans.”

“Technically minorities are supposed to vote Democrat and fall in love with the Barack Obamas and support Hillary Clinton,” she said. “But that’s not true. I think African-Americans are waking up to the fact that liberal policies are not working for us.”

Another woman was asked what she thought about the mainstream media saying “women aren’t supposed to like Donald Trump.” In her response, she took a shot at the sexism that’s alive and well within the left, who relies on identity politics to win elections.

“I love Donald Trump,” she responded. “I think women are far underrated if we should be stupid enough to vote for a woman because she’s a woman.”

So there you have it, folks – the Democrats’ worst nightmare. Strong, passionate, conservative women, stepping outside the boundaries defined by the left and thinking on their own in order to find a candidate they like. Plus, it’s not just white women either – it’s women from all different ethnicities.

However, to listen to the media, the only people supporting Trump are old white men, who have racist ties to the Deep South and hate Obama because he’s black. Looks like they got it wrong, yet again.

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