Blacks Demand Landowner Remove ‘Racist’ Display, There’s Just One Problem

After traveling past a ranch in Oklahoma, a black driver had to pull over and take a closer look at what he and other leftists call a “racist” display. Upon reading the sign attached to it, they immediately began demanding its removal. However, there’s just one thing they’re ignoring.

Terrance Reed is “angry” about the display and says it’s clearly a racist declaration. However, the landowner has a different view.

Terrance Reed was instantly offended when he saw what looked to be three nooses hanging from a tree on a plot of land along Highway 75, according to KFOR. He pulled his vehicle to the shoulder to read the small sign nailed to the tree.

“It’s best not to be hanging around this area after dark,” the sign reads.

Blacks Demand Landowner Remove 'Racist' Display, There's Just One Problem
Three nooses hanging from a tree on a plot of land along Oklahoma Highway 75 along with a sign explaining the display’s purpose.

Although there was no mention of any particular demographic or race, Reed automatically assumed the landowner is a racist white man who’s threatening blacks. Unfortunately, Reed was reading too far in between the lines.

“If you think of a noose in America, it doesn’t represent anything but what used to happen to African Americans,” he said. “He got the right to do what he wants to do, he’s got a right to feel what he wanna feel, but I got a right to be angry about it too, and I’m angry.”

Of course, landowner Merle Martindale has been around long enough to know his state’s rich history, which included the law of the Old West. Martindale explained that the notion that his display was meant to send a message to any single race is absolutely ridiculous. In fact, he revealed that he is the victim of violent crime and hopes to send potential thieves the warning that he’s going to defend himself this time around, regardless of their race, culture, or heritage.

“If you put up a sign that says I advise you not to hang around here after dark, you’re making a statement,” Reed told the station.

As Reed ironically admits, Martindale is making a statement. In fact, it’s in bold red letters. He’s telling everyone to stay off his land, especially after dark, or face the consequences of a man ready to protect himself, his family, and his property. Still, there are others who only see color when it comes to their fragile sensibilities.

“It bothers me. It’s humiliating,” driver Dennis Varner told KJRH. “It’s discrimination, and America shouldn’t put up with it.”

However, like Reed, Varner jumped to the conclusion that the symbol of the noose is only in reference to the hanging of 3,446 blacks, which occurred from 1882 to 1968. Of course, the pair is forgetting that lynchings were also rampant throughout the West during these decades and that criminals were also strung up as a warning to other potential lawbreakers.

Fortunately, many on social media didn’t immediately assume that the display’s owner is a racist bigot. In fact, some Oklahomans were reminded of the lynching of criminals in the Old West more than the racist connotation Reed and Verner prompted.

“That’s the dumbest thing. It also shows how much true knowledge of a area anyone has,” Facebook user Tony Touchstone commented. “Hanging of criminals was apart in these parts of the old west.”

“The only way to see something racist in this if you search the dark parts of your own mind…hanging by noose, as said by Tony Touchstone, was a way of the west for all criminals, it did not matter what your skin color,” Renae Francis replied.

Although many wanted Martindale to remove his display, Okmulgee Country Sheriff Eddy Rice explained that no laws were broken. Still, Martindale decided to take down the display this weekend, not because of its message, which he continues to stand by, but because it was causing people to pull over on the highway and he doesn’t want to cause any accidents.

Leftists have been pushing the racial divide along with the notion that America is an inherently racist, oppressive nation. They have successfully blinded many within the black community and even their own liberal whites to think that the nation that fought to implement abolition and civil rights and elected its first black president just 50 years after the march for equality is trailing the world in progress.

The equality and freedom in America are virtually unheard of across the globe, yet leftists fool our minorities with cloaked examples of civil liberties exclusive in other countries. What they refuse to acknowledge is that these countries are decades and even centuries behind us in individual rights.

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