Blacks Oppressed In U.S.? Here’s What’s Happening To Whites In South Africa

Blacks Oppresed In The U.S.? Here's What's Happening To Whites In South Africa
The insufferable shanties in “white squatter camps” in South African shed light on the harmful effects of the country’s reverse apartheid.

While the Black Lives Matter movement’s calls for violence over perceived racism in the U.S. receive scrupulous attention from the mainstream media, actual racism is alive and thriving in Africa. However, unlike the demanding minorities in America, what’s happening to the white minority in South Africa proves who the real supremacists truly are.

As the BLM group shamelessly makes a paper tiger of the supposedly rampant white supremacy in America, white Africans are suffering bona fide racism and apartheid at the hands of their black neighbors. The effects are so insufferable that any comparison from the entitled minorities of the West is nothing less than a flagrant egocentricity.

The Daily Mail sheds light on the horrific plight of the white Africans living under a government dominated by racial bias — and a side-by-side comparison of the ethnic minorities in both the U.S. and South African provides a much-needed sociological lesson for the entitled movement growing in the West.

Blacks Oppresed In The U.S.? Here's What's Happening To Whites In South Africa
Whites live in hovels in segregation camps, providing insight to a deeper level of poverty.
Blacks Oppresed In The U.S.? Here's What's Happening To Whites In South Africa
A weary mother makes the best of the situation, holding her newborn outside of her shack.

Just two decades after the social democratic African National Congress rose to a national level, the “post-apartheid” African era has gone from promoting racial equality to segregation and exile. Marked by an exodus of skilled, working whites, the new apartheid has resulted in the construction of minority camps

Though the ANC promised to undo years of oppression and restore integration, it has gone from one extreme to another, promoting blacks over whites, regardless of skill or education. For many whites, there is no choice but to squat in segregation camps that make even the ghettos of Democratic bastion Detroit look reasonably comfortable.

Mostly, the working-class whites survive in 80 squatter townships, crippled by poverty and starvation brought on by the ANC’s desire to give blacks a “greater share of the economy.” Many have minimal food, no running water, and no electricity.

Blacks Oppresed In The U.S.? Here's What's Happening To Whites In South Africa
Barefoot children run along the sharp ground, proving that it doesn’t take much to find true happiness.
Blacks Oppresed In The U.S.? Here's What's Happening To Whites In South Africa
A sweaty, filthy child looks into the camera, blissfully unaware that his unfortunate skin color is the cause of his plight.

Their ramshackle hovels sit next to pools of stagnant, mosquito-filled water. The filthy wasteland on which their crumbling shacks sit produces little vegetation under the scorching heat. Children run barefoot over sharp rocks and scratchy earth.

Of course, this reverse apartheid hasn’t helped South African blacks anymore than when they were once repressed. In fact, the country has gone into a “financial meltdown,” with many of the skilled laborers and wealthy businessmen fleeing the worsening economy and legislation.

Naturally, every country has some piece of sordid history that they’d like to forget, and America is certainly included. However, it should be lesser-developed countries like South Africa that warn us that there is no progress in vengeance. The same scorned majority that suffered under unfair policies will gain nothing of economical value from hindering the minority.

Blacks Oppresed In The U.S.? Here's What's Happening To Whites In South Africa
Although they smile, many of the aging or sickly residents are denied medical care because of they are white and poor.
Blacks Oppresed In The U.S.? Here's What's Happening To Whites In South Africa
The white slums of South Africa make the ghettos of Detroit seem like a step up.

Still, there are those in America who believe that current generations should pay supremely for the “sins of the father.” However, this is nothing more than misguided hatred, the same hatred that led those depraved few 1.4 percent of white Americans to enslave blacks during the height of slavery.

White Americans cannot sincerely apologize for slavery, as it is impossible for voices to rise from graves over a century later. Since it would be stereotypical to believe that skin color determines a person’s character, as Martin Luther King Jr. refuted, it would be insufficient for whites to attempt to atone for what 99 percent of their ancestors never did.

However, they can do one thing — they can continue to progress towards unification, as has been the intention of this, the freest country in the world, just 50 years after abolishing segregation. Many countries legislated this decades before the U.S., and have yet to see the advancement that our melting pot has.

As a family member of an incredible mixture of minorities, I know one thing for sure — no one racial group has ever empowered themselves for the better by debilitating another.

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