[VIDEO] BLM Anti-Trump Protester Calls For ‘Reparations’ In The VILEST Way

A violent and hateful speech was heard at an anti-Trump protest in Seattle, Washington, over the weekend by a Black Live Matter activist and teacher.

The election of President Donald Trump seems to have fueled the already hateful rhetoric from Black Lives Matter. In fact, during an anti-Trump protest in Seattle this weekend, a BLM activist took to the megaphone to voice her support for killing white people, but that’s not all she demanded in her hate-filled rant. Shockingly, in a tirade you have to see to believe, she also called for “reparations” in the vilest of ways.

The Black Lives Matter movement is already being dubbed a hate group for their violent protests and wishing death upon anyone who isn’t black. The BLM is being seen as nothing more than the black version of the Ku Klux Klan, and it’s all thanks to the rhetoric from their leaders, as well as their blind followers.

Although the BLM movement may have started as a way for those who feel oppressed to voice their grievances to the government over perceived injustices, the movement has now fallen so far from its alleged intent that the group is demanding “reparations” from white people — and in the most violent and vile way imaginable.

A violent and hate-filled video, in which a BLM activist calls for the killing and theft of white people, has surfaced, and it’s downright disturbing. The activist is heard clearly saying, “White people, give your f*cking money, your f*cking house, your f*cking property, we need it f*cking all,” as another protester responds “reparations!”

What’s worse, the YouTube channel responsible for uploading this video claims that the woman speaking in this curse and hate filled rant is a teacher. This video sadly feels like something a Nazi would say in reference to a Jew, and it’s disturbing on a whole new level, especially when we realize this woman is trusted with young, impressionable minds.

Warning: This video may be disturbing to some and is not suitable for those at work as it contains strong language.

The video is chilling. It’s hard to imagine how someone could be filled with so much hate that they actually call for others to not only be robbed but killed, solely based on skin color. This is the epitome of racism, and the woman belting out her cruel rant is a racist bigot of the worst kind.

Although she really started to go off at the 1-minute 50-second mark after briefly bashing capitalism, the hatred is felt well before that. Her “speech” is even complete with terroristic threats, as she says, “And we need to start killing people. First off, we need to start killing the White House. The White House must die. The White House, your f*cking White House, your f*cking Presidents, they must go! F*ck the White House.”

Showing what her true motivation and goals are, she adds, “Pay the f*ck up, pay the f*ck up. It ain’t just your f*cking time, it’s your f*cking money, and now your f*cking life is devoted to social change,” proving this has nothing to do with fighting oppression, but rather encouraging it so that she can benefit.

I highly doubt this will make white people want to “unite” and join the cause since they’ll have to “pay” for the crime of being white. The amount of hatred in the world is absolutely astonishing anymore. It’s all around us, and it’s beginning to feel like no one has ever heard of the word “compassion.”

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