Black Lives Matter Defaces Thomas Jefferson Statue, Fed-Up Patriots Make Them Regret It

President Donald Trump warned Americans that the alt-left is on a mission to wipe out our history and culture, and a recent incident is proving this to be true. However, real Americans aren’t going to just sit and watch it happen. Members of Black Lives Matter decided to vandalize a statue of Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia, but fed-up patriots taught these thugs a lesson that they won’t soon forget.

Black Lives Matter Defaces Thomas Jefferson Statue, Instantly Get Schooled on History
Black Lives Matter (left) defaced a statue of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson at UVA (right), so patriots gave them a BRUTAL history lesson. (Photo Credit: Screengrab/Youtube/TheBlaze, Screengrab/Youtube/Celebrity Biography Channel)

As reported by Washington Times, Black Lives Matter protesters late Tuesday night defaced a statue of Thomas Jefferson at the University of Virginia (UVA), shrouding it in black and covering it with a banner with vulgarities written on it. 

The crowd was made up of students, faculty, and local residents who considered the monument of the nation’s third President to be an offensive symbol of “racism.” Members of the crowd placed signs on the shrouded statue that read “Black Lives Matter.” Another sign said “F*** White Supremacy.”

The protesters chanted “No Trump, No KKK, No racist UVA.” Some of the most startling signs seen in the crowd were ones that read “Thomas Jefferson is a racist and a rapist.”

According to Daily Progress, the Black Lives Matter protesters saw this as a response to the violence at Charlottesville, Virginia, when clashes between far-left organizations and white supremacist groups led to the death of 32-year old Heather Heyer last month.

A speaker addressing the Black Lives Matter gathering at UVA tied Founding Father Thomas Jefferson — the author of the Declaration of Independence — to the Confederate monuments that have recently been the target of alt-left activists.

“One month ago, we stood on the front lines in downtown Charlottesville as all manner of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and neo-fascists swarmed the area,” the speaker said. “Two months ago, the Ku Klux Klan rallied in their safe space, fully robed and fully protected by multiple law enforcement agencies who brutalized and tear gassed peaceful counter-protesters.”

He must not have been referring to these counter-protesters, who were anything but “peaceful”:

However, patriots on Twitter wouldn’t let the Black Lives Matter thugs get away with their ignorance. They immediately pointed out the absurdity of their latest act of vandalism by giving them a quick history lesson.

If these Black Lives Matter punks bothered to actually attend class instead of spending their days in mindless protests, they would know that Thomas Jefferson is the founder of the University of Virginia. They’re upset that a college has a statue of its founder. That’s like going to a Trump hotel and protesting when you see pictures of the President there.

The only thing the above Twitter user got wrong is saying that these protesters pay $30,000 a year. We know these Affirmative Action hooligans get free rides to college.

Fortunately, not everyone in Charlottesville is as brain-dead as these liberal students and the wacky professors. The Republican Party of Virginia put out a statement condemning the disrespect to one of America’s greatest statesmen.

“The defacing of our historical monuments is not free speech, it is a criminal offense, plain and simple. I urge the Charlottesville police and University administration to move swiftly to make sure this doesn’t happen again. We cannot tolerate lawlessness and extreme political correctness masking as free speech any longer.”

Ironically, this attack on Founding Father Thomas Jefferson is exactly what President Donald Trump predicted would happen in his remarks on Charlottesville. Trump said that going after Confederate monuments would lead us on a dark road to erase ALL of our history.

With this latest idiotic move, the alt-left has proven Trump right…again. What they’re doing is alienating ordinary Americans and hurting their movement in the long run. Hey, if they want to drive themselves into political irrelevancy, that’s OK with me.