Entitled Punks Block Sidewalk, Learn That Trump Supporters Aren’t Pushovers

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Entitled Punks Block Sidewalk, Find Not All Trump Supporters Are Pushovers
(Source: VidMax)

A few domestic terrorists decided to block a sidewalk over the weekend in protest of Donald Trump. Although the entitled punks tried to keep people from getting to their destination, things didn’t exactly go according to plan – and that’s about the time they learned that Trump supporters aren’t pushovers.

Not everyone understands why leftist morons do things like block the road, or sidewalk in this case, but the general goal is to inconvenience others. In the end, they hope that by stopping people, they’ll be forced to acknowledge their cause and maybe gain a few supporters along the way.

Unfortunately for them, pulling stupid stuff like this always makes enemies, as those you inconvenience loathe you and view the reason for your protest as illegitimate. As it turns out, a few cowards in masks, believed to belong to either a feminist or anarchist group, learned that the hard way after trying to block a Washington, D.C. sidewalk recently.

Anti-Trump, domestic terrorists in DC meet a Trump supporter t…

Anti-Trump, domestic terrorists in DC meet a Trump supporter that likes to hit back.Listen to them cry after the spanking

Posted by Vidmax.com on Sunday, January 22, 2017

From the sounds of it, a guy was trying to get to work at the same time protesters blocked the way, and the man was none-too-pleased with the group’s antics. In fact, when the group decided to “let the ladies through,” he took full advantage of the break in the blockade and barged through as well.

As one would imagine, this pissed off the group and prompted one female to go after the agitated man with violence. However, she quickly learned that gender equality may not be all it’s cracked up to be when she found a man who wasn’t exactly a pushover.

After she swung first, the group was stunned by the man who was not afraid to hit back. With one blow, he was able to send the domestic terrorist backward, allowing him to shift his focus to another punk who was using a flagpole as a weapon against him.

Entitled Punks Block Sidewalk, Find Not All Trump Supporters Are Pushovers
(Source: VidMax)

Things only got better from there as police swept in, but the man wouldn’t leave without smacking the feminist who initially attacked him once more in the face. Of course, the group wanted to whine and cry like the entitled brats that they are after they got their butts handed to them – but we all know that’s exactly the kind of cowards we’re dealing with when it comes to these people.

When it comes down to it, there’s just one thing you need to know: You don’t get to punch a man in the face in the name of feminism and then get mad when he hits you back. We are either equal or we’re not – and you certainly can’t pick and choose when you hide behind your gender just because it suits you. If you try, well, not too many people are going to be upset when you get clocked in the face. In fact, you may even find a few people cheering.