Border Patrol Uncovers TERRIFYING Multi-Million $$$ Underground Discovery

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If you think that President Donald Trump is wrong in his plan to secure the border, you will change your mind after seeing the terrifying multi-million dollar underground discovery that Border Patrol agents just uncovered.

Mexican cartels use a number of innovative means to smuggle both humans and drugs into the United States, though the latest discovery by the Border Patrol has many scared to death. The Border Patrol Entry Team, aka “tunnel rats,” recently announced the discovery of 224 tunnels that run from Mexico into California and Arizona.

Cartels are able to sneak small shipments of heroin and cocaine through border checkpoints, but tunnels are required for larger shipments and for the smuggling of marijuana, as the smell often gives it away.

It’s mind-boggling to imagine, but the Drug Enforcement Agency estimates that these tunnels cost $1 million to $2 million a piece and that they can generate several more millions in revenue if they are used without being detected. Some even have lighting and a rail system.

Lance LeNoir, leader of the “tunnel rats” division of the Border patrol, says the cartels will “tunnel anywhere they want to. It’s wherever they can get a building on the south side and a building on the north side. Location, Location, Location.”

The tunnel rats use ground-penetrating radar and other acoustic devices to assist in their work. They also look for warehouses near the border and large piles of dirt that could indicate the construction of a tunnel.

After a tunnel is discovered, agents must infiltrate it and map it. When finished, the tunnel is filled with concrete, a task that costs The Department of Homeland Security more than $1 million annually. Additionally, the Mexican Government attempts to seal the holes, though they say it is too expensive to fill them with concrete themselves. In recent years, smugglers have tapped into so-called “sealed” tunnels at least seven times.

During the 2016 Election, Donald Trump vowed to “find and dislocate tunnels and keep out criminal cartels.” Trump’s intentions have prompted liberals to label him a racist and white supremacist, though those claims are entirely unfounded. Trump knows what is going on at the border and refuses to back away from his campaign promises. If more people knew about shocking discoveries like these tunnels, perhaps they would support Trump’s efforts to secure them.