[VIDEO] Small Boy Beaten By Muslim Migrants, Ends With Mother’s Rage

One mother has had enough of the Muslim migrants in her town. After her nine-year old boy was left beaten by Muslim thugs, she tried to do the right thing. With her son in the emergency room, she wanted to make sure this never happens again. Watch her emotional plea, as she explains the horrendous incident that left her family in shambles. The role the authorities take will blow your mind.

German mom has multicultural encounter with son's muslim 'friends' - YouTube (1)
German mom shows picture of beaten son.

In a YouTube video, one German mom is taking to social media to get the word out on what Muslim migrants did to her son. Her nine-year old boy was playing soccer when a dispute occurred. The Muslims, ranging in age between 14-17 years, began beating and choking her son. Her son ended up with extensive facial injuries and a fear of leaving the house at all.

As the mom describes, she got her husband involved, as other parents become aware of where the Muslim beaters live. Her husband confronted the thugs, who see her husband had an “alarm gun,” which he showed just for intimidation, as a crowd began to gather.

The 17 year-old, who choked her son, screams at the father to “shoot, shoot, shoot,” apparently not scared of any law enforcement reprisals for his beating of a German boy. The police do nothing to the Muslims, and they even tell the mom that a report “won’t go very far.”

It’s heart wrenching, as the mother shows the pictures of her beaten boy. As she tells of government backed agents harassing her family, it confirms that Germany has lost its country to these Muslim migrants with no regard at all for the country that has taken them in.

This mother’s video shows the horrendous acts these Muslim migrants are capable of doing. Their attitude is one of entitlement, similar to the far left who seem to protect them, making them out as victims.

Let this be a warning to all who say its fascist behavior to want a secure border. Europe is experiencing the outcome of its politicians’ badly made decisions to bring in a flood of Muslim migrants, knowing these people would rather see all infidels dead.

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