Boy Bloody & Holding His Teeth, All Because Of What’s On His Shirt

A recent incident is causing waves across social media after a boy posted a picture of himself bloodied and holding his own teeth. Sadly, the situation was only made worse as he explained how this reality came to be – and it all boils down to what was on his shirt.

Emanuel is a kid like any other. When he decided to come to school dressed as he likes, he didn’t really think there was going to be a problem. Unfortunately for him, he was sadly mistaken, and he’d learn this reality inside one of the bathrooms.

According to a tweet recently posted by the boy, he was stopped in a school bathroom all because he was wearing a t-shirt supporting Donald Trump. Although it’s unclear what took place leading up to the eventual assault, Emanuel was left bloody and even holding his own teeth.

After posting a few pictures of his blood all over the bathroom and his broken tooth, the description he shared simply read, “just got jumped in the bathroom for wearing a trump shirt. here’s my front tooth.” Making matters even worse, the “tolerant” left decided to later chime in and rub salt in the suffering boy’s wound:

It seems Emanuel here is able to hold his own, but you have to admit that there’s a special place in stupid town for someone who would say, “I don’t condone violence, but he deserved it.”

Emanuel was merely exercising his First Amendment right by wearing his Trump t-shirt. However, the thug punk who decided to enact physical violence was not and deserves to be heavily punished.

This unidentified assailant could have said anything he wanted and still be in the right, but when he took things to a physical level, he crossed an unacceptable line. It’s funny how liberals always boast about their love for the First Amendment — until you say something they don’t agree with, that is.