Boy Walks Into NC Police Station, Shocks Cops With What’s Around His Neck

Boy Walks Into NC Police Station, Shocks Cops With What's Around His Neck
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police chief Kerr Puney (left), Charlotte’s Metro Police Department where boy came in (right)

A little black boy stumbled off of the street and into the Charlotte, North Carolina police station, shocking cops on office duty with what was around his neck. Before the boy could even say a word, one officer called for other cops to come out when she realized what else the child had in tow.

The nightmare for the boy began on Tuesday when he awoke to helicopters and sirens right outside his house when riots broke out in his neighborhood but had no way of understanding what was happening. The following morning, his mom, Deanna Hooker, was driving him to school when a breaking news report came on the radio that several police officers had been injured during the violent protests that woke her son the night before.

Deanna didn’t know that this news and unrest surrounding him had affected her son as much as it did. After becoming saddened that other people’s decisions were stealing the innocence her son, who had to see it and try to make sense of it, she was surprised when he approached her with what he wanted to do.

The boy had spent most of Wednesday thinking about the riots that have still not ceased, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to make a difference for those who risk their lives to ensure his safety. “He asked me if he could bring the police donuts and give them hugs for all they do,” Deanna wrote in a post shared by Love What Matters. He put his idea into action on his own with a little assistance from his mother who was so proud of her son when she saw the cops’ faces when the boy walked into the station.

Boy Walks Into NC Police Station, Shocks Cops With What's Around His Neck
Deanna Hooker’s son with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officers

Wearing a sign around his neck that said “Free Hugs” and holding a big box of donuts, Deanna’s son entered into the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and surprised the officers with the two sweet things he had for them. He didn’t just tell these cops with his gesture how he felt about them, he told every single one of them on duty that he appreciated all they do to keep us safe.

“It is amazing how much children can teach us during times like this,” Deanna wrote in her post. This mother should feel proud of her thoughtful child as well as herself for raising her son right — unlike the mob of men on the street feet from where her son stood who continue to commit crimes in the name of justice. In a community where hatred for law enforcement is supposedly justified by contrived racism against them, this mother and son proved that this angry mentality can either be prevented by good parenting or perpetuated by their own bigotry.

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