BOYCOTT! Major American Company Slams White People & Police In New Sickeningly Racist Ad

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A new commercial titled “The Talk” goes after white people and the police.

One of the most well-established companies in America is now using a liberal strategy to boost their bottom line: race-baiting. In the company’s new sickeningly racist advertisement, whites and the police are collectively made out to be the “bad guys.” It’s time to boycott all of their products.

Proctor & Gamble, the company that manufactures Cascade, Febreze, Mr. Clean, Tide, Swiffer, Downy, and a plethora of other products, has released a new ad which will make you wonder if it was directed by Al Sharpton, reports Young Conservatives.

According to BizPac Review, the ad, titled “The Talk,” depicts scenes of black parents, spanning generations, telling their kids about how the system is stacked against them, how racist white people are, and teaching them to fear the police.

In one scene, which is staged to represent the 40s or 50s, a young black girl tells her mother that “the lady at the store” told her she was “pretty for a black girl.” The mother tells her daughter, “That is not a compliment. You are beautiful, period. OK?”

In another scene, a black mother tells her child, “Remember, you can do anything they can. Difference is, you gotta work twice as hard and be twice as smart.”

Of course, in this day and age, blacks do not have to work twice as hard, nor do they have to be twice as smart. In fact, in most cases, they can be half as talented and less persistent than their Caucasian counterparts and still be afforded the same or even better opportunities. This isn’t the politically correct thing to admit, but thanks to affirmative action, it’s the unfortunate truth.

Proctor & Gamble doesn’t just go after whites in their new commercial, either. They also target the police, which is perhaps even more infuriating, considering the hard-working men and women in law enforcement are already in an uphill battle with public sentiment, thanks to former President Barack Obama, who fanned the flames of racial division for eight years.

In a subsequent scene, a mother representing current times explains to her daughter what to do “when you get pulled over,” as if it is guaranteed to happen because the police will automatically profile her due to her race. When the daughter explains that she is a good driver, the mother reinforces negative stereotypes of police officers by telling her, “This is not about you getting a ticket. This is about you not coming home.”

Black conservative Anthony Brian Logan slammed Proctor & Gamble for the ad, calling it totally unrealistic and noting that he has never had a conversation like any in the commercial with members of his own family. “This whole commercial from Procter & Gamble – is nothing more than a marketing ploy to try to get black women on the Internet — to buy their products,” said Logan. “It’s a marketing campaign to get people to come purchase things. It’s nothing else. It’s not some kind of PSA. It’s not an altruistic thing. It’s all about money and that’s it,” he added.

Logan also noticed that the “overly dramatic” ad devalues the need for a “nuclear family” as only one scene shows a father present. This is perhaps the single biggest issue plaguing the black community today – not racism – yet, you don’t see Proctor & Gamble taking it upon themselves to discuss it. That would be far too politically incorrect, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t sell any hand soap that way!

Proctor & Gamble’s atrocious new advertisement plays right into the hands of every Black Lives Matter affiliate and liberal protester in America who uses race as an excuse to riot in the streets. It’s time to boycott this company to teach them a lesson. They should not be allowed to get away with a commercial as sickening as this one.

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