Woman Sees Boyfriend On Knees At Fair, Stunned By What Was Next To Him

Summer is the time of the year when people often go to fairs for entertainment. However, when one woman went to the Ohio State Fair, she was shocked when she unexpectedly saw her boyfriend on his knees inside one of the buildings – but, what truly left her stunned was what she saw next to him.

As she walked the exhibits, she was stunned when she unexpectedly saw her boyfriend on his knees. Of course, she knew she needed to get proof of what she had seen and immediately snapped a quick picture. The photo has since posted on the Ohio Going Blue Facebook page – because what she saw was something that should be shared.

The woman had caught her boyfriend, who is an officer with Ohio State Highway Patrol, kneeling in prayer with a mother and daughter at the fair. “My boyfriend is working the state fair and a mom & daughter asked if they could pray for him,” she explained. The officer didn’t know these two amazing individuals, but they wanted to offer him their support in a way we all should for our law enforcement– through prayer.

Woman Sees Boyfriend On knees At Fair, Stunned By What Was Next To Him
The mother and daughter praying with the officer (Image Source: Ohio Going Blue)

In a world where people are criticizing police officers and Christianity, it’s uplifting to see that there are still many individuals who know the power of prayer. One of the most important jobs of every police officer is the restraint of evil in society — a dangerous career and a profession congruent with a biblical desire for justice and righteousness.

The fact that this mother is not only setting a powerful example for her daughter but also showing her that faith extends past our personal lives is absolutely remarkable. I can only hope that God will guide me to provide such an example to my children and to let them know that Jesus Christ truly has our back.

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