After Boyfriend Murders Her 21-Month-Old Son, Mom Gets Charged For 1 Sick Thing She Did

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After a Utah mother’s 17-year-old boyfriend murdered her 21-month-old son, she was grief-stricken and horrified. However, she would soon face charges of her own for the one sick thing she did as well.

After Boyfriend Murders Her 21-Month-Old, Mom Gets Charged For Doing One Sickening Thing
Isaiah Weaver (left), Jaycieion Sanchez (right) (Photo Credit: Isaiah “El Chopo” Weaver/Facebook, Screengrab/YouTube)

On January 16, police were called to a home in West Valley City, Utah. To their horror, they found a 21-month-old child, later identified as Jaycieion Sanchez, unconscious and unresponsive. The toddler was found on the bathroom floor with a large bruise on his cheek. He was “cool to the touch, and his eyes were partially open,” according to Blue Lives Matter. Unfortunately, after he was transported to a local hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Police were almost immediately able to conclude that there was something wrong with the situation. In fact, as soon as medical personnel determined that “it was likely that [Jaycieion] had been deceased for some time before emergency personnel had arrived,” officers began to investigate further. It was also soon revealed that the toddler’s body was “covered in bruises and scars, and he had sustained severe head trauma indicative of heavy impacts and vigorous shaking,” according to Salt Lake City Tribune.

Eventually, police learned that the child’s 22-year-old mother, Gena Sanchez, had a 17-year-old live-in boyfriend named Isaiah Weaver, and the teen thug was physically abusing all of Gena’s children. Weaver has since been charged as an adult with a first-degree felony count of aggravated murder and two second-degree felony counts of child abuse.

When Weaver was asked what had happened, he admitted to having a “bad temper” and said that he had “gone too far” when he wanted Jaycieion to “be quiet.” To make matters even worse, he also admitted to throwing the young boy several times before his death.

After Boyfriend Murders Her 21-Month-Old, Mom Gets Charged For Doing One Sickening Thing
Jaycieion Sanchez (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube)

Initially, when Sanchez learned that Weaver was responsible for her son’s death, she was heartbroken. She admitted to police that Weaver “seemed jealous” of Jaycieion, and she said that she “had a weird feeling” about leaving the boy and her other children in Weaver’s care when she left for work.

As any parent would be, she seemed to be struggling to cope with the loss of her boy. “I will never forget you Jay, I will never forget you,” she said. “You’re always in my heart, and I will not rest until you get justice.” She added, “He was the happiest baby ever. You ask him a question like, ‘Did you miss me?’ And he says ‘Yeah!’ I can still hear it.”

However, Gena wasn’t telling the whole story, and now, she’s been charged for the one sickening thing she did while her son was being abused. Sadly, Gena was aware of Weaver’s attacks on her son, as well as her other children, and she did nothing to stop him.

During their ongoing investigation, investigators were horrified to learn that Gena Sanchez was aware of Isaiah Weaver’s actions and the abuse he inflicted on her children. What’s worse, she did nothing to protect them. She even witnessed some of the attacks, but merely allowed Weaver to continue harming her innocent children. Sadly, she confessed to watching Weaver spank Jacieion’s bare bottom and seeing him kick the toddler in the back on another occasion.

The sick woman has to face the fact that she could have saved her son’s life, and now, she gets to do it behind bars. She’s been charged with two counts of felony child abuse in relation to her boyfriend murdering her 21-month-old son. She is scheduled to make her first court appearance on March 5.

A parent is supposed to protect their children at all costs. This young boy was killed because of the abuse that he endured from his mother’s boyfriend, and she did nothing to stop it, so this mother deserves everything that’s coming to her. You don’t allow someone to put their hands on your child, period. It’s absolutely sickening to know that this young boy could still be here today if his mother had done the one thing she was supposed to do — protect him. Rest in Peace, little guy — you deserved so much better than what you were given in this life.