Boys Silently Stroll Out Of Bathroom, Much Different From When They Entered

Boys Silently Stroll Out Of Bathroom, Much Different From When They Went In
Louisville, Kentucky Chick-fil-A. Bryan Wilson (inset)

As families enjoyed their meals at a Kentucky Chick-fil-A, they were completely unaware of what was happening just a few feet from their tables in the restaurant’s bathroom. Four boys and one man went in, but as they each exited individually, they left much different from when they entered the facilities at the wholesome eatery.

The last place anyone would expect sinister activity to take place is at Christian-owned Chick-fil-A, which perhaps is why one 31-year-old man targeted the joint for what he had planned. Trying to capitalize on other people’s trust and innocence in a multitude of ways, Bryan Wilson set up shop, then sat back and filled himself full of sick sexual pleasure at other people’s expense. The victims were helpless to his perversions, until one dad entered the space and realized what was happening.

According to WDRB, Wilson’s grandmother described her grandson as a “good kid,” but what he did in the bathroom that day, proves what she’s chosen to ignore for too long. Sometime before 4:30 p.m. on January 9, Wilson entered the restroom, but it wasn’t discovered what he did there until more than 5-hours later.

In that time, four boys and one man had used the bathroom, each one coming out without saying a word, because none of them realized how they had been victimized. Wilson quietly entered before them and hid a cellphone on a cabinet near the urinal where nobody would think to look. One observant father saw it while accompanying his son to supervise his safety, and he reported the device to employees. Before it was found, Wilson had already recorded the genitalia of at least four underage boys and one adult male, who didn’t know that they were being watched.

“It was somewhat hidden. It was up on a cabinet that they use. It was propped up there, where the normal person probably wouldn’t see it,” LMPD Sgt. Pat Bass said, who received the phone after vigilant Chick-fil-A employees turned it over. “It’s disheartening to think that somebody would do that in a place that should be private.”

Louisville police were able to trace the device back to its sole owner who set it up, Wilson, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He finally turned himself in on Monday, but he has already been bailed out of jail.

The arrest warranted stated that evidence proved that the “video recorded the urinal in the men’s room for the purpose of capturing video of the genitalia of men and boys using this bathroom.” Although an app was found on the phone which allowed Wilson to share the sick footage, police don’t believe he had the opportunity to send it to others before he was caught recording it. Wilson has been charged with five counts of video voyeurism, and he will learn his fate on February 4.

A new checklist item needs to be added to the bathroom cleaning schedule at public restaurants, requiring employees to check for cameras, since these incidents seem to keep coming up. Parents should never let their small children use the restroom alone. Anything could happen in there.