Boys Terrified To Show Mouths After How Pregnant Mom Used Their Tongues

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In North Texas, a pair of brothers were terrified to open their mouths after months of being trapped inside their home with their pregnant stepmom, who had a sick use for their tongues. The wretched woman’s sick secret could no longer be kept hidden behind closed doors when the evidence of what she had done began to spread.

Sara Woody (pregnant) with 4 of the children (left), Sara Woody (right) (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Twenty-four-year-old Sara Anne Woody and the boy’s biological father, Jonathan Woody, have both been arrested and won’t be out anytime soon, especially Sara who faces the worst of the charges. The stepmother, who is pregnant with what will be the sixth child between her and Jonathan from various relationships, wanted her husband’s two sons to be submissive to her demands, so she forced her will by using their mouths in the most sadistic ways imaginable.

According to the Dallas Morning News, when the boys, ages 12 and 7, said things that their evil stepmom didn’t like or thought was a lie, she would force them to lick the rim of the family toilet that was covered in human waste that hadn’t been cleaned for weeks, other than by their tongues. When the licking wasn’t enough, she’s accused of setting fire to their tongues with a charcoal lighter, before giving “special” treatment to their genitals.

The oral abuse wasn’t enough for the monster, who was set off by any little thing she perceived as an offense, and sometimes nothing at all. The boys told police that she routinely beat their male parts, by whipping it with a belt, which left the sensitive area black and blue. When the siblings got hungry, Sara would accuse them of stealing the family food and force them to drink a cider vinegar concoction that forced them to vomit, Times Record News reports.

Boys Terrified To Show Their Mouths After Mom's Sick Use For Their Tongues
Sara Anne Woody (left), 4 of the couple’s 5 children (center), Jonathan Woody (right)

There were three other siblings in the home who didn’t seem to suffer the same abuse. It was not noted if the others were Sara’s biological children, but the boys were only hers by marriage which may be the reason they were the targets of her wrath. Since their father did nothing to protect them and knew what was going on, even telling the boys to lie to police, Texas officials did the right thing and held him accountable as well.

After a trip to the hospital for a lip injury that one of the boys suffered from Sara beating him with a metal spoon, investigators were tipped off and began digging into what was going on at the Woody residence in the town of Burkburnett. After gathering all the evidence they needed, Sara was hit with 30 different charges, 27 of which were individual counts of injury to a child.

While this maniacal stepmom is being held on a $3 million bail, her man isn’t getting off easy either. He’s just as responsible as her for what happened to his sons. Jonathan was arrested for three counts of child endangerment and one charge of tampering with a witness and is held on $550,000 bail.

The abused boys and their three siblings have been placed with family members while their parents hopefully get the jailhouse justice they each deserve. Retaliation for Sara will have to wait until she gives birth since the baby shouldn’t have to suffer more than having to share DNA with this degenerate. When the time comes, there are filthy prison toilets and floors that will need lots of licking by both she and Jonathan and other things cellmates can use their tongues for.