Indoctrination Video: Brainwashing Our Kids To Believe Climate Change Idiocy


Mind control is an ugly thing, and it’s once again on display in all of its vulgarity at the United Nations. The global government in the making is utilizing the tactics of their comrades of the past – Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and others –taking young minds and poisoning them into their ideology before they develop to the point of understanding what is being done to them. The simple-minded are the easiest to program, asking the fewest questions and offering the least resistance.

The following indoctrination song was, as difficult as it is to believe, the winner in a 2015 contest by the United Nations for the best children’s global climate change song with the performance receiving recognition during the Climate ConJob 21 Paris confab in December.

The performers are German; more proof in the wake of the German people allowing themselves to be flooded with foreigners that in their desire to be non-aggressors they have become a mere shadow of their former selves. They are prime slave material, fertile ground that is being tilled.

Thinking people around the world, particularly those in developed nations, need to understand that this drive to diminish our standards of living is not done out of a concern for the planet but out of greed and lust for power by the leaders of the UN and complicit national governments and elites. It’s intended to make us all voluntarily accept slavery under the stupidity of global warming.

The woman in green was obviously an easy convert at one time for the globalists. These green morons are telling these kids that they need to give up plastic bags, cars, CO2, and bathing in the interest of being responsible “global citizens.” They must submit to having their food consumption dictated as well as their use of electricity, if it’s allowed at all. And they’ll travel by bike or foot, also when it’s allowed, to places they receive permission from the state to visit. It’s what the idiot in the green toilet paper dress is telling them to do. Who wouldn’t just blindly follow her?

This world is becoming more bizarre by the day and the UN just needs to go away, either by force or by cutting off its support. We have no business funding it or being in any way associated with it. The video of this disgusting display helps make that case.

This subversive manipulation and much more behind the scenes is what we’re getting for our fortune of support of this snake den of global exploitation. These people are demons, soulless demons. We need a solution; we need a way to rid ourselves of them now.

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