Brat DISGUSTS Preacher With Sick Surprise In Pants, Not Laughing Days Later

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Brat DISGUSTS Preacher With Sick Surprise In Pants, Not Laughing Days Later
Valerie Starushok (left) had a sick surprise in her pants for a preacher (right) outside of Planned Parenthood

While out preaching on the sidewalk, a man was shocked to see a woman quickly approaching. Unfortunately, things would take a horrifying turn as the vile woman pulled something from between her legs and decided to gift him with it – but she wouldn’t be laughing just a few short days later.

The incident took place in late January while a preacher with Jesus Loves Ministries was outside of a Planned Parenthood in Ashland, Oregon. Unfortunately, the longer the group was out there, the more attention they got, prompting a few “tolerant” leftists to swing by for a visit.

All caught on video, the preacher can be seen verbally going back and forth with a few people who didn’t like what he had to say. At first, there was a woman who tried to take the man’s camera in an effort to delete evidence of her embarrassing display.

Not long after, a man who had previously ridden by on a bicycle came back to indulge in an argument, but these were the least of the pastor’s concerns. In fact, it was 21-year-old Valerie Starushok who he never saw coming – and boy did he wish he had.

As can be heard in the video, Starushok quickly rushed the man, yelling, “Eat this f*cking pad,” as the camera is jarred, only to shove a “dirty, bloody tampon” in his face. Although that’s what he called it at the time, it was later revealed to be a menstrual pad.

Perhaps the most disgusting part takes place as viewers listen to the preacher spit immediately after being assaulted, meaning that he likely got some of the bodily fluid in his mouth. “Wow … I think I’m actually gonna have to call the police,” the man said. “She just shoved a dirty, bloody tampon in my face.”

Luckily, the vile brat wasn’t exactly laughing for long as she got what she deserved just a few days later.

APD Case# 17-233Do you know this woman?During an organized protest in front of the Planned Parenthood – 1550 Siskiyou…

Posted by Ashland Oregon Police Department on Monday, January 30, 2017

Just 3 days after the incident, the Ashland Oregon Police Department posted the woman’s picture to their Facebook page hoping to get some help from the public in order to identify and locate her. Later that day, they posted again, saying that Starushok had turned herself in and was “cooperating” with police.

UPDATE: APD Case# 17-233 Valerie Starushok (21) turned herself in and is cooperating with police. She will be lodged…

Posted by Ashland Oregon Police Department on Monday, January 30, 2017

Currently, the disgusting punk is lodged in the Jackson County Jail on one count of harassment. Although it’s good to know that this animal is locked in a cage where she belongs, I can’t help but feel that these charges should be a bit more serious, like assault.

The left can pretend to be the more enlightened of the species with their self-righteous mindset but stunts like these prove them to be barbaric and downright uncivilized. I mean, monkeys throw their poop at each other when they fight. Is that really the tactic they want to use?