VIDEO: Brat Heckles Cop At Trump Tower, Instantly Gets Triggered By His Perfect Response

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An entitled brat mouthed off to a cop who instantly shut her up (Photo Source: Screen grab/Youtube)

Thousands of entitled brats swarmed around Trump Tower to protest President Donald Trump’s return to New York City. While the loud mouths set up along the skyscraper, anticipating Trump’s return, cops made it nearly impossible for the snowflakes to reach the President, barricading every inch possible. However, after being heckled by countless protesters, one cop had enough and triggered one loud-mouthed brat with his perfect response to her demands.

While anti-trump “social justice warriors” shouted hate-filled messages at the top of their lungs and threw tantrums around Fifth Avenue, one SJW heckled the wrong cop for too long. The entitled brat was asking the cops how they can live with themselves, doing a job like protecting the President of the United States.

While most would think it would be an honor to serve and protect the President, that wasn’t the case for this snowflake. However, the cop had the perfect response, telling her, “I sold my soul for a badge. So you have got to keep walking.” However, the humor was apparently lost in translation because the protestor was instantly triggered.

“You sold your soul for a badge? That is so sad,” a woman wearing a purple-striped shirt asked, as Blue Lives Matter reports. Police officers began motioning protesters away, but this snowflake went into full tantrum mode.

Her meltdown continued as cops were clearing protesters from around Trump Tower as she kept complaining that they were shoo-ing her away. Law enforcement proceeded with motioning her to move forward when she began yelling again.

“You roll your eyes because you are f—king weak,” she screamed at the officer with her voice cracking. “Because you know you are wrong! Because you think you are a man you can roll your eyes at a f—king young woman!”

The protest originated because liberals are blaming President Trump for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. They spent the day chanting, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” and, “Not my president!”

Sand-filled sanitation trucks were placed around Trump Tower as barriers with layers of metal police barricades around the main entrance, preventing the protesters from even being able to lay eyes on the President. Still, as The Washington Post reported, those who were able to see the motorcade took photos with their cellphones as they made obscene gestures.

The police officer had the perfect response to the foolish snowflake and the same tired rhetoric those just like her constantly spew. There is no rational explanation for being disrespectful to a cop who is only trying to protect the President of our country, so it’s only fitting to meet their irrational and incessant cries with sarcasm. You can’t argue with insanity anyway, and at least we got a good laugh out of watching the young woman cry her way off the New York streets.