Breastfeeding Baby Acts Odd, Mom Horrified To Learn What’s INSIDE Breast

Breastfeeding Baby Acts Odd, Mom Horrified To Learn What’s INSIDE Breast
Sarah Boyle (left), also pictured with son Teddy (right)

A young mother knew something was wrong when her young son began to act oddly while being breastfed. The concerned mother quickly went to the doctor to get some answers and was left horrified to learn what was hiding inside her breast.

Sarah Boyle, a mother from England, was excited when she found out that she was pregnant with her son, Teddy. Once he was born, she was thrilled that she was able to breastfeed, and things seemed to be going smoothly. However, when Teddy began to scream whenever she tried to breastfeed him from her right breast, she felt like something was wrong. Unfortunately, she was left horrified when she learned what had been hiding inside her breast all along. She had breast cancer.

In January of 2013, Sarah felt a lump in her left breast. Obviously concerned, she decided to go to her general practitioner where she was told it was a cyst and there was nothing to worry about. Over the next few years, Sarah had the “cyst” scanned five times but was told it was merely hormonal.

Breastfeeding Baby Acts Odd, Mom Horrified To Learn What’s INSIDE Breast
Sarah, her husband Steven, and their son Teddy (Source: Daily Mail)

Eventually, she quit worrying about the “what if’s” and became pregnant. “My pregnancy was perfect,” she recalled, according to Telegraph. “I couldn’t wait to be a mum.” When her son Teddy finally arrived, she was thrilled with the instant bond they formed. “We had such a brilliant connection. He was breastfeeding fantastically well.”

However, five months later, she noticed that her right breast wasn’t “working” as well as the other and contacted her doctor. She was relieved when she was told that what she was experiencing was “common” and that she once again had nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, a month later, Teddy began to act oddly and quit feeding from her right breast altogether. “If I offered him that booby he would completely freak out,” she said. “He’d become extremely distressed and would scream the house down.”

Finally, after a few more months passed with Teddy refusing to take her right breast, she decided she would take matters into her own hands and asked to be referred for a scan. “I explained about Teddy and how I was feeling very tired, I said I wanted to get a scan to check out my right breast. I felt as if Teddy was trying to tell me something. It was, what you might call, a mother’s instinct,” she explained.

Breastfeeding Baby Acts Odd, Mom Horrified To Learn What’s INSIDE Breast
Sarah pictured with Teddy during her chemotherapy (Source: Daily Mail)

Two weeks after she received an ultrasound scan and biopsy at Royal Stoke University Hospital, Sarah was diagnosed with grade 2 triple negative cancer, a non-hormonal cancer which is extremely rare in young women. “My mind went into meltdown. One minute I’d been enjoying the new experience of motherhood, the next I was being told that I needed life-saving treatment,” she recalled. “But I felt so proud of Teddy for bringing the problem to my attention. The cancer inside the cyst had been growing for three months – the exact same time Teddy stopped feeding from my breast.”

This just goes to prove that you should always trust your gut instinct and get a second opinion. We are only given one life, so it’s best to have taken many precautions than to learn about your fate too late. As for Sarah, Teddy is not only her son, he is her hero. Without him, there’s a good chance she wouldn’t have learned that cancer had been lurking inside her breast. Thankfully, she is now getting the life-saving treatment she needs to live a long, healthy life with her son.

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