Breastfeeding Mom Sickens Group After Naming ‘Secret Ingredient’ In Her Bake Sale Brownies

A mother nurses her infant (left), brownies (right), an anonymous Facebook post (inset). (Photo Credit: Pixabay, Facebook)

A breastfeeding mother has created controversy after making an anonymous social media post. The mother sickened a group on Facebook users when she named the “secret ingredient” that she put in a batch of brownies before carting them off to a bake sale.

The mother in question made an anonymous social media post which was subsequently picked up by the rather large Facebook page Sanctimommy. In her post, she said that she had run out of milk one day and did not have time to go to the store, so she decided to use her own breast milk to make a batch of brownies, which she later took to a bake sale.

A breastfeeding mother claimed on Facebook that she had used some of her own breast milk to make a batch of brownies for a bake sale when she didn’t have time to make a trip to the store. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Some found humor in the mother’s situation, suggesting that perhaps they are not aware of the health risks associated with consuming a stranger’s breast milk. It is always dangerous to ingest bodily fluids from someone else without knowing their health history first, and breast milk is a bodily fluid.

The reactions to the post ranged from bemused to appalled with one user writing that it was almost a criminal offence because breast milk, like blood or semen could carry diseases.

She went on to add that feeding children baked goods with bodily fluids in them in gross, shady and borderline psychotic. [Source: Deccan Chronicle]

Anytime you consume someone else’s bodily fluid, there are risks attached, and these risks increase exponentially if you are careless enough to consume the bodily fluids of a stranger. The mother who used her own breast milk to bake brownies could have exposed others to any number of diseases, perhaps without her ever knowing.

What if she had recently had unprotected sex with someone and contracted an STD? Sure, this might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s a possibility.

Even if she is in a monogamous relationship, we don’t know that her partner isn’t sleeping around behind her back, thus exposing her and anyone who consumes her breast milk to disease. Luckily, most diseases won’t survive the oven, but that’s of little comfort.

There are just too many variables to take a chance like the one this mother took when she used breast milk to make a batch of brownies, then fed them to strangers at a bake sale. Unfortunately, in this day and age, we must be leery of any food we consume without knowing the person who made it. There are just too many wackos out there to take any chances. Let’s just hope this was a hoax post to whip the masses into a frenzy, and in that case, it worked.

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