Broward County Registered Mass Killer Nikolas Cruz To Vote. Does This Surprise You?

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Things just got a little more embarrassing for Broward County, Florida, which is at the epicenter of the state’s election fiasco. A recount has been triggered in the governor and Senate races in no small part because the liberal county has difficulty in accurately and honestly reporting vote totals. One of those votes hoped to be recounted comes from Parkland high school shooter Nikolas Cruz, who was registered in jail by the county’s Supervisor of Elections office.

Last February, former student Nikolas Cruz opened fire in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, killing 17 students and staff members. One of those victims was Meadow Pollack. Her heartbroken parents continued to be victimized, by both Cruz and Broward County, because their daughter’s killer was registered to vote in jail on July 25.

Meadow’s father, Andrew Pollack, discovered this outrage and took to Twitter for an explanation.

The explanation is really quite simple, though no less outrageous. The Sun-Sentinel reports that the Broward County Supervisor of Elections office goes into the jails and registers all eligible inmates to vote. Once registered, the inmates receive mail-in ballots and the Sheriff’s office collects and submits those ballots.

The Sun-Sentinel notes that Nikolas Cruz hasn’t been convicted of any crimes yet, so he is technically eligible to vote. Sure he murdered 17 people in cold blood, but it would be a shame if he didn’t get a chance to exercise his voting rights as he awaits his inevitable conviction and death sentence.

“Taking away the voting rights of an eligible person awaiting trial is illegal,” said Broward Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright.

Yet taking away the gun rights of a person awaiting trial is completely legal. Shouldn’t all of the rights of a person being held without bond who is accused of mass murder be put on hold pending the outcome of the trial? Well, except for the right to a fair and speedy trial, that is. The point is that criminals who can’t have guns also can’t vote.

Of course, there’s nothing in the law that says the county has to go into the jails and register scumbags to vote. Clearly, the liberals running the county believe that inmates tend to skew liberal and they can’t rely entirely on illegal immigrants for votes.

Broward County’s Supervisor of Elections is embattled Brenda Snipes, who has a long history of incompetence and election shenanigans. She has illegally destroyed ballots, failed to include a voter initiative on ballots, and just plumb forgot to send out 58,000 mail-in ballots for one election. Somehow, registering a mass killer is worse than all of this.

Cruz apparently registered as a Republican, but there’s no way of knowing how he actually voted in this election. The Republican Governor of Florida has lobbied for Cruz to receive the death penalty, so he may vote for Democrats, who are opposed to capital punishment. His best chance of not frying in the electric chair lies with the soft-on-crime Democrats, so he probably voted for the donkeys.

After Florida declared victory for Republican Rick Scott for Senate and Republican Ron DeSantis for governor, Broward County suddenly found more votes for Democrats Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum. This has triggered a recount in the races as the margins have tightened significantly. There would be no greater insult than if mass killer Nikolas Cruz’s vote actually made a difference in deciding this election.

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