Nasty Woman Bullies Mother & Baby On Plane, Humiliated When Flight Attendant Steps In

A young mother was patiently waiting on a plane for take-off with her 8-month-old son when another passenger approached the seat next to her. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long to learn that the woman was nasty as she instantly began to bully the mother until the flight attendant stepped in and gave her an instant dose of humiliation.

Entitled Brat Bullies Mother & Baby On Plane, Humiliated When Flight Attendant Steps In
The nasty woman (left), Marissa Rundell with her son Mason (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Marissa Rundell/Facebook)

Marissa Rundell, 19, was traveling with her 8-month-old son Mason on a Delta flight from JFK to Syracuse, New York when the unthinkable happened. Unfortunately, not long after they were seated, a fellow passenger boarded the plane and immediately began to cause problems.

“She was the last one to get on the plane and I was in the second to last row of the plane,” Marissa explained about the flight, according to Daily Mail. “She came to the back and slammed her bags down. She said ‘this is f****** ridiculous. It’s bulls**t having to sit in the back of the plane.'”

Because Marissa had her son with her, she politely asked the woman — who has not been identified — to not speak such profanity around Mason. Sadly, the nasty woman ignored her and refused to look at her, all while still complaining.

“I said again, ‘please watch your language.’ She told me to shut the f*** up and shove it.” Thankfully, the nasty woman was causing such a disturbance that the flight attendant, who later identified herself as “Tabitha,” came over in an attempt to mediate the situation.

A video of the incident has since been posted to social media and shared for the world to see. It begins right as Tabitha entered the incident, at the very moment she’s heard asking the irate woman what her problem is.

“She brought up having to sit next to a crying baby (he wasn’t crying or fussing at all),” explains Marissa, who has flown with Mason once before. Instead of talking it out with the flight attendant, the woman got out of her seat and demanded to be given a new one.

Tabitha simply asked her to sit down, but the request only angered the livid woman a bit more, fueling more complaints. However, she never could have anticipated what Tabitha had in store. The flight attendant had a much better idea than caving to the woman’s demands — she offered her a seat on the next flight.

The woman matter-of-factly states, “I can’t,” while slamming some of her stuff on the seat. She then demanded that Tabitha state her name, with the clear intention to call and complain about her “service.” Tabitha not only obliged, but she listed off her employee number which only further set the belligerent woman off. “Thank you, Tabitha, you may not have a job, tomorrow,” she said.

In that moment, Tabitha decided the woman had to go. She said she wanted the woman off the plane. Of course, the irate woman continued to say, “I can’t,” and even went so far as to apologize, but Tabitha had made her decision. Not long after, a gate agent was filled in on what was going on and ultimately removed the woman from the plane.

Unfortunately, the clip ends abruptly, but Marissa informed everyone via Facebook that the woman continued to make a scene, refusing to get off. In fact, ten minutes after her removal, she returned to get her things, still swearing up a storm.

Entitled Brat Bullies Mother & Baby On Plane, Humiliated When Flight Attendant Steps In
Marissa Rundell’s Facebook post after the incident (Photo Credit: Marissa Rundell/Facebook)

Marissa is beyond pleased with how Delta handled the situation. “I thought it was funny how she was acting like a child, throwing a tantrum,” she said, according to The Sun. “Also I see videos all the time about people bashing airlines for kicking people off, so this is like the opposite.”

She even explained that Tabitha personally approached her during the flight to apologize for the inconvenience. “The flight attendants were absolutely amazing,” Marissa added.

It’s about time an entitled, nasty woman gets what they deserve. If you want to cause a scene over literally nothing, don’t expect to get treated like a queen. This woman was completely out of line. Now that she’s been utterly humiliated not only by getting kicked off the flight but because the entire world can now see her actions, it should be enough to make her think twice before acting like that again.

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